You may have noticed new enhancements to your TeamworkPM account this week. Over the weekend we rolled out the latest updates which we have been working on for the last few weeks.
Some of them are new features and others are improvements we have made based on the great feedback we receive from our users.
The ability to edit comments
This feature has been a long time coming. It has always been put on the back burner because of other features jumping the line. We finally got around to adding this. Now you can edit all comments throughout the application.
Teamwork Projects – March 2011 Updates

View & Edit Milestones from the Milestone Calendar

We have improved the upcoming Milestone calendar to be far more useful. You can view the details of a milestone and make adjustments by hovering over the Milestone name.
Teamwork Projects – March 2011 Updates
Choose files by category when attaching files to Tasks or Messages
This feature is thanks to all the feedback we received. What users were saying was that once a project had a lot of files on it, it was to hard and time consuming to find files when attaching an existing file to a message or task without the file categories being loaded into the file picker.
We have now corrected this and added this feature in. You will now see the file categories on the left hand s,ide so you can quickly filter through your files to help you find the one your looking for to attach to your message.
Teamwork Projects – March 2011 Updates
Teamwork Projects – March 2011 Updates
Improved Language strings throughout application
Another area we spent a lot of time working on this month was our localization support for multiple languages within the application. We still had a lot of areas where we weren’t translating the text, but hopefully these should all be fixed now.
We have used quite a lot of machine translation, so if you come across words that don’t make sense in your own language let us know and we will be happy to correct these.
Teamwork Projects – March 2011 Updates

Fixed bug with attaching the same files to multiple messages and tasks within a project

We have now fixed an issue that arose when you tried to attach the same file to more than one task or message at a time. Before when you selected a file that was already attached to a task it removed the file from the first task and attached it to your new one. We have now corrected this so you can now attach the same file within a project to as many tasks and messages as you like.
Teamwork Projects – March 2011 Updates
Completed tasks now show time icon if time was logged
This feature is again due to the feedback we received from a lot of users.  The problem was if you had logged time on a task and then completed it you lost the time icon which displayed next to tasks that had time logged against them.
We have now corrected this so all completed tasks still have the time logged icon displayed, and if you hover over the icon the detail of the time logged will also display for you.
Teamwork Projects – March 2011 Updates

When adding a comment the task title displays to help with context

This is a small tweak that was suggested to us last week. We were told that when you have a lot of tasks and you go to add a comment to one sometimes you weren’t sure if you picked the correct one, so by us now adding the task title to the comment window this issue has now been resolved.
Teamwork Projects – March 2011 Updates
Added the option to download Excel file of milestones
If you are a mad Excel junkie you will be delighted to know that we have now added the ability to download an Excel file from the all Milestones tab in Everything, or from the Milestones tab in a project.
Once you have this you can go crazy doing all your Excel magic, and create as many reports from this information as your heart desires.
Teamwork Projects – March 2011 Updates
Improvements to the API
For the techies out there we have added a lot of extra calls to the API and improved some of the ones there already. For more information on the API make sure you check out our developer page
Teamwork Projects – March 2011 Updates
 Reordering Task lists feature improved
This is a nice example of improving a feature we already had.  Before when you decided to reorder the task list all the last list names remained on the left, so if you had a lot of task lists it made it a little more confusing on how to save your changes to the list as the complete button was actually hidden from view under all the task lists.
Now when you go to re-order the task list it’s not only easier to drag and drop the lists,  but now the task list names disappear from the left, which brings the complete button up into view.
Teamwork Projects – March 2011 Updates
Teamwork Projects – March 2011 Updates
Desktop Timer App
For those of you who don’t read our blog or “like us” on Facebook (shame on you) you may have missed the news about the launch of our new Desktop Timer App.
This cool new application allows you to place a timer on your desktop, and gives you the ability to quickly track and log time across a number of tasks within your projects.
Teamwork Projects – March 2011 Updates

Improved Notification Emails

Our notification emails sucked. We got so sick of answering feedback and looking at them ourselves we finally did something about it. We still have more improvements to make to them, but the new update really improves readability.