It’s been another exciting year at and we hope all of you have had an equally eventful 2012.  Thankfully, the world didn’t end which is all anyone can hope for!
To finish off the year we thought it would be a good idea to take a look back at some of the highlights of 2012 at
Since our inception as a company we have always strived to make Teamwork the standout Project Management System. This year saw us roll out some of our best features to date.


We hit the ground running at the start of the year with the launch of Teamwork mobile. This new update enabled customers to access accounts across a wide range of smartphone devices with a new HTML5 version of the app.
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February saw one the biggest and most important updates we have ever released: Lockdown. This was the groundbreaking permission system enabling you to fully control who could see what on a project giving total control to the user even with multiple clients working together on a project.
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March marked the start of a lot of the behind the scenes updates carried out on the framework in 2012.
First up was pushState which led to an instant and much commented on speed boost to the whole of Teamwork.  And as if that wasn’t enough, in the same month came the integration with Google Docs, now Google Drive.
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April was an eventful time for Teamwork Projects as we continued with more integrations, this time hooking in with and Quickbooks online.
We also introduced the Trash Can this month, which allows you to easily restore those accidentally deleted projects, files, and tasks.
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May was all about enhancing features we already had, adding more integrations this time with Emails, Notebooks, and the Dashboard also received a lot of attention this month. In other news, Mike Butler has now joined the team as our mobile application developer lead.

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In June we continued with more updates, rolling out the new look message section which enabled users with a lot of messages to finally get a handle on what messages were coming in, plus we released our new enhanced file viewer.
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July was a tough month for Teamwork Projects. As they always say, be careful what you wish for. The growing pains associated with a jump in the amount of users and usage unfortunately led to a couple of short outages for the app.
Our expansion and contingency plans had to be ramped quickly and that would lead to a massive August. On the plus side, in July, we released our super handy method of removing email signatures from messages, a positive end to an otherwise trying time!
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August was without a doubt one of the most important months for Teamwork Projects. Due to our growing user base we made the big decision to move our entire application to Amazon’s EC2 cloud.
It’s hard to describe the amount of work and planning that went into making this move happen. We couldn’t have been happier with the transition and we were delighted with the outcome and the options it now gives us moving forward as a company.
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After a manic August, September rolled around very quickly. We introduced a vital new feature, Start Dates on tasks. This feature really belongs to our users as it’s 100% due to the amount of feedback we received from you all.
While we have plans and visions for the product, this feature really is a testament to the fact that as a company we have to take on board what our customers say.
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October was another example of a customer-driven feature. This month saw the launch of sub-categories across most areas within the app. The crew also headed to Dublin to take part in the Dublin Web Summit, which is now one of Europe’s biggest tech events.
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With November came the launch of the new real-time notifications center. This new feature was designed to make you feel more connected to your team by enabling you to see in real-time what’s happening across your Teamwork Projects account.
There was a lot of important groundwork laid down with this feature; you’re going to love some of the stuff we have planned for this in 2013!
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Then came December marking the end of another manic but progressive year. Even though December is a difficult month to get a lot done, we still managed to push new features out the door. This month saw the introduction of the ability to download multiple files as well as the start of user contacts.

Another big milestone for us is that we’re moving offices again. This time the move is not too painful, we’ve stayed within the same office block with a move to the top floor. We needed the extra space for our growing team and it’s an exciting way to end the year!
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All in all 2012 has been an amazing for us here, from rolling out new features, growing in both customer base and in staff size.  All this is down to you for your continued support of Teamwork Projects. We have some exciting new features planned for 2013 so stayed tuned.
Happy holidays and here’s to great new year ahead for you all from everyone here at