Well it’s the start to another wonderful week of work! You may also be unaware that it is now ONLY 14 weeks ’til Christmas!!
Where did the year go?,” I hear you ask? The panic is setting in and you realize the end of the year is fast approaching – along with the deadlines for targets that you have set either professionally or personally.
Yep, this is something a lot of us go through, and to try combat this panic we plan, and then plan some more, in the hope that it takes some of the shock out of situations like these. Helping people with planning and managing their projects is the name of the game with TeamworkPM, and recently I have been spending a lot of time on the phone talking to customers, listening to their stories on how they use TeamworkPM and how they manage their projects.
After a while the same question kept coming up, “How do other customers use TeamworkPM to manage their projects?”
This is always something other people are really interested in. People are willing to listen and learn how others manage projects, and to see what parts and processes they can bring forward into their business to help make their projects run more smoothly.
What we are now looking to do is to either produce a few videos, or even some blog posts with screen shots of how people manage their projects. If you would like to share your experience and know-how of running a successful project please feel free to contact me sam@teamwork.com. It’s also a good chance to plug your business or product as well.
Below is the first video I shot of a local customer who users TeamworkPM to manage their projects. They are a branding and communications company based just out of Cork City, Ireland: Kunnert and Tierney