In case you missed them, here’s a roundup of some of the small but mighty features we’ve added to Teamwork Projects this month. We’re constantly making improvements to features in Teamwork Projects. This month, we focused a lot on making tasks and filters even more powerful. Tasks are the foundation of Teamwork Projects and when used in combination with filters, provide countless lenses through which you can view your information.

1. Relative task reminders 

Now you have even more flexibility when setting reminders on your tasks. We’ve added the option for you to set task reminders relative to the task due date, which means you’ll no longer have to manually calculate when a reminder should go out.  You’ll be able to set reminders for a custom number of days before, on or after the task due date. If the due date is changed, the reminder will also move with it. You can also still add custom reminders at fixed times. This addition is paving the way for exciting future improvements to task templates and defaults. 


2. New task repeat option

Get even more flexibility managing your recurring tasks with our new repeat option. You can now set your tasks to repeat by a custom number of days, so you’re no longer limited to blocks of time that don’t match your project’s timeline. Learn more about working with recurring tasks here.


3. Collaborators can now see Project Chart

It’s now easier than ever for Collaborators to stay in the loop. We’ve added the ability for Collaborators to see the Project Chart, so they can get quick visual updates at a glance. The best part is, you can add an unlimited amount of Collaborators to your Teamwork Projects site. Learn more about working with Collaborators here.

4. Even more task filters!

We’ve added more task filters this month, including “Created today” and “Created this week”.  These work really well as saved filters to see what team members have added recently. You’ll also notice a new “Date created” filter in the Everything section, as well as the option to include completed tasks. So instead of having to jump between All Tasks and Completed Tasks, you can now get the whole list in one place by using the ‘Include completed tasks’ option in the filter, making it much easier for you to track team productivity or workload for any given day. Read more about how Filters can help make your team more efficient.


5. Summary Breakdown: New estimated time view

For users who want to see a breakdown of the overall workload on a particular project, we’ve added the option to switch between Active Tasks and Estimated Time in the summary section of your project. With Estimated Time, you’ll be able to view a breakdown of the percentage of total estimated time added to tasks for each person, rather than just the number of tasks assigned to each user. You can use this information to make better decisions and organize your team’s workload in a more efficient way. Learn more about working with estimated time here. 


6. Collapse columns on Board View

When working with Board View, you can now collapse columns that you may not need to access at a particular time. This allows you to focus on the columns you need and create more space to see more of your columns, while still keeping the context of your process. Haven’t set up a Board View yet? There’s a first time for everything! Learn more here.


As always, we love to hear your feedback so let us know what you think in the comments below. And don’t worry, we haven’t been getting Slack on the bigger features either – we have an exciting announcement coming this month! So stay tuned