New TeamworkPM UI |
In five days time we will release a feature that many of you have been waiting for for a long time. On Saturday the 5th of October, we will be releasing the newly-designed Teamwork Projects to everyone.
Same great features — just a new look and feel
For the last few months, we have been working on a secret project to enhance the look and feel of TeamworkPM with a more modern and consistent design. While we’ve given Teamwork a complete overhaul, we’ve kept the layout consistent with the product you already know and love. We wanted to let you know about the update in advance of next Saturday and assure you that it’s going to feel familiar. We are really excited about this and can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to.
Consistent look and feel
The web has changed a lot over the six years we’ve been running. Styles have evolved. Browsers have become much more sophisticated, and so has Teamwork Projects. With all of the changes, subtle differences became apparent between the older and newer parts of the app. Reworking the design allowed us to bring the same look and feel to all areas of the app. Consistent colors, layouts, styles and behaviors, that not only look good but make it easier to learn and explore Teamwork Projects.
Why the new design?
To be completely honest, we started as a bunch of developers who couldn’t draw a circle in Photoshop. We’ve always been proud of our great features but felt that the interface wasn’t as good as it could be. Many of you told us you loved the product but thought the design could be better. Our team has grown and when Ivo, our very talented designer, joined us, he begged us for the opportunity to give Teamwork a more modern design. For 3 months now, we’ve worked with Ivo to overhaul the entire product while keeping the same functionality and layout that you love .It’s been a lot of hard work and now we can’t wait to reveal it – let the countdown begin!