Teamwork CRM customers can rejoice in the addition of our new email solution for all GSuite and Outlook users. 

Since we launched Teamwork CRM, we’ve worked hard to bring additional value to all of our customers.  At Teamwork, we always listen to our customers for feedback as they use our products each day.

A request that we’ve frequently heard for Teamwork CRM is the need for an email solution. 

Our customers explained how most of their sales conversations took place over email. It was made clear that without the opportunity to easily capture those emails in our CRM, there’s an obvious gap in the value.

Instead of rushing into our solution, our team examined how other CRM’s addressed this challenge. We also spoke extensively to our customers about this process and ultimately identified a solution we believed would bring the most valuable to our customers. 

In December 2020, Teamwork released the initial version of the CRM email solution for Outlook email and our team was delighted with the overall adoption and feedback from customers.

However, we didn’t want to limit our email solution to the Outlook user segment with the majority of our customers using Gmail.  But to successfully integrate GSuite users and sync their data into the Teamwork CRM, we had to be Google Certified.

The basic premise behind this certification is to ensure providers like Teamwork have the correct levels of security to protect users’ Google Data as it’s made available within a product outside of Google. 

While this took slightly longer than we originally hoped, all of us at Teamwork are thrilled to announce that we are officially Google Certified. And with this certification, we’re even more delighted to announce the email solution is now available in Teamwork CRM for all of our GSuite users.

Teamwork CRM users now have the ability to sync their GSuite (or Outlook) email inbox with our CRM. This means that once CRM users successfully sync, they can now access their inbox without needing to leave the Teamwork CRM.

When the inbox is set up in CRM, users can easily create a new lead or opportunity from an email, or connect an email to an ongoing lead or opportunity. New contacts can also simply be created from the email. 

When it comes to the actual deal or activity, CRM users have the ability to send (and receive replies) directly from the lead or opportunity. This helps ensure all the relevant conversations taking place over email during the sales process are captured in Teamwork CRM. 

The new process makes it easier to reference the deal as it progresses or after the sale when the customer is moved to the next stage of the customer lifecycle.

We believe this solution adds a lot of value to our customers and continues the progress we are making with Teamwork CRM. We couldn't be happier to finally release this to our GSuite customers as this marks a big step forward for Teamwork CRM.  

So just to recap, the Email Sync solution is now available for Gsuite Users, Outlook, and Exchange email users. Additionally, other accounts can be synced via IMAP. 

To sync your inbox to Teamwork CRM, go to Settings > Email Sync and click the Connect button, select your provider and follow the steps.

For more information, you can visit our help doc here and ff you have any questions or feedback, please comment in the comments area below or contact us at