Introducing our all new iPhone and Android apps


Teamwork for iOS and Android re-imagined

We started this year off with a bang, launching the much loved iPad app.  It had a fresh feel that made weaving through your work as quick and as light as a flick of the finger.  We wanted to take that sense of fluidity and distil it to its essence for a phone app.  It took some time.  At the start we tried to follow the iPad closely.  A little too closely.  And in June we downed tools, regrouped and redesigned.  And the result, I think, is better for it.

Android Accounts IMG_7592

A New Look

As soon as you launch the app, you’ll be struck instantly by the change in graphical style.  Gone are the bold, bright, Gum Drop, pick and mix graphics of the old app.  Instead, we’ve changed to a cooler, calmer, cleaner style.  The modern feel makes it easier to focus on the content with fewer distractions.

Thinking about it now, the original mobile app grew into its final form over quite some time – so the style and layout of the various screens differ markedly from one another.  By starting the new apps with a blank sheet, we were able to bring a consistency in layout, colour and style that we just didn’t have in the old apps, making it easier to move from screen to screen.


New Features

It’s not just fresh paint on an old dog, to mix a metaphor.  A navigation drawer is tucked away just out of sight on the left side of the screen.  When it slides out, you have access to features that were never before available in the old app.  For example, you can now look over the upcoming schedule of events and meetings, check how much time has been logged on any project, and find out what everyone is working on today across all projects.


iOS Tine  Time Android

Android : Things are changing

Right from the early days of Teamwork most of us were drawn to iPhones.  And, if we’re being honest, that balance was probably reflected in the apps too : the iPhone app getting features first that were only later rolled out to Android.  But that’s changing.  Google released the Nexus 5 a few weeks back and we finally reached perfect harmony here in Teamwork – with a pure 50/50 split in phone ownership spread across the whole company.  And that balance is going to be our aim going forward.  Core features will be released on both platforms at exactly the same time – the Android app no longer playing feature catch up.

To cement that change, we are strengthening our mobile development team, including a dedicated Android developer.

iOS Menu    Android Menu


That’s the future, but the beta release of our new Android app is right now. Both of our new apps are matched feature for feature. As you can see from the screenshots, they look uncannily alike.  But our hands aren’t tied with that – we want to make the best of each platform where it makes sense.

There are a lot of Android phones out there.  Even with the best of intentions, we know that the app is going to have hiccups on some of those phones more than others. But here’s the thing : we’ve built Teamwork by listening to you.  We’re putting the beta of the app out there early so that you can influence it.  You can use it to get your work done, but your feedback will help guide and build it the way you’ve helped build the web app.


Task Viewer Android    Task Viewer iOS


The end of the year and the start of the possibilities

So we started the year with the iPad, but we’re coming towards the end of it after introducing a fresh new look web app and now two new matching mobile apps.  It’s an exciting time for us in mobile – we have the platform there now to push and change much faster than before. To keep both apps in sync, while aiming to exploit the possibilities of each device. We’re really looking forward to the what the next few months allows us to do.

iPhone_store       Google_play


David LP

Wow guys – this is the business. The previous iPhone app wasn’t working for me but this is great. Totally usable and exactly what was needed. Thanks for all the hard work. :-)


Why do you have 2 different apps accounts im google play?

What we have to do, install the new one and desinstall the other?


Mike Butler

Hi Fernando,

You’ve probably figured it out already, but you get the new app by installing “TeamworkPM Official” or clicking on the “Get it on Google Play” button above. The two apps aren’t connected so you don’t have to do anything special, although it’s probably simpler to delete the old app once you’re happily using the new app :)

Let us know how you get on!



The new app solves some of the problems with the time tracking of the previous app, but I still have to manually enter it. It would make a huge difference if there was a start/stop billable option.

Mike Butler

Hi Matt,

Don’t worry, a nice new stopwatch style feature is well up there on our roadmap for the new app!


I love Teamwork and would like to make more use of the new Android app. On my phone the new app works ok, but on my tablet it doesn’t. I am forced to use it in portrait mode. In the stone ages when there were only a few Android tablets out there this was common behaviour for phone apps on tablets. But now there are a lot of Android tablets out there and modern apps should work fine on phones and tablets on different screen sizes and form factors. It’s great you’re taking Android serious, I think following the Android Design Guidelines when developing the Teamwork app would really help making Teamwork even better!


Hi I tried installing it on my android phone. but it doesnt work. Help please! I emailed your support team but got no response.


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