When dealing with sales opportunities, it is essential that you are always up-to-date with where deals are in the pipeline, the latest sales activities and, the overall deal progress (or lack thereof). 

If you aren’t aware of what’s happening with your deals, then you can’t take the required action to get a deal back on track, or help push a deal over the line. And, if you can’t take the required action then the chances of losing the deal - increase and that is not the situation that you want your company to be in!

Teamwork CRM already helps customers alleviate such instances occurring via our rotting report solution and through our visual activity cues on the board view. 

However, we wanted to ensure you have every opportunity (pun intended) to close your deals and therefore, we are delighted to introduce the first phase of our notifications solution to Teamwork CRM. Now you can follow any lead or opportunity in your pipelines, by clicking the follow Icon on the deal page. 

Follow notifications

Following a deal means you’ll have the option to receive all the updates about the deal, from activity updates to status updates. You can access those notifications via the new bell icon on the CRM header, ensuring you are always up to speed with what’s happening with the deals in your pipeline.  

Bell notification

Now you should never miss an important deal update as you stay up-to-date with the deals as they progress through your pipeline. 

Also, note that this is the first phase of our notification solution. The second phase, which we are currently working on and should be available to you later this quarter. This is the addition of email notifications - which will enable CRM users to keep on top of any deals even if they are not in Teamwork CRM. 

Ensure to start following your important deals, and be sure you never miss an important update in Teamwork CRM again. 

We hope you lour new notifications in Teamwork CRM, if you have any comments or questions be sure to comment below or contact us at support@teamwork.com