Setting and tracking budgets are two of the most important parts of project planning. And ideally, also being profitable! This is why we’ve launched Finance. Now within each project you’ll see a new Finance section giving you the most accurate view of each project’s financial performance - ultimately ensuring you’re more profitable! 

Not only will you see your billing information in this new Finance section, but you’ll also see a variety of other financial information such as project budget, project profitability, budget specific expenses, and Task List budgets (Scale plan only). 

Let's get to know each of these! 

We want to make sure you and your whole team are focused on actually being profitable with each project. Because of that, we have some new features to share with you! 

Project Budget 

Take full control of your project's budget. Within Project Budget you can view both your time-based or financial budgets, create, edit, and manage these budgets, as well as have a full view into how your project's budget is performing.

Project Profitability 

With Project Profitability, you can track how your project is performing from a profitability standpoint. You can then course-correct your project and budget as required in order to hit your revenue goals.

Budget Expenses 

Budget expenses allow you to include non-time based budget costs against your budget, like travel or equipment expenses, offering a comprehensive and accurate view of your budget. 

Task List Budgets 

Task list budgets enable you to have a more granular level of budget control and insight as the project progresses. Having financial oversight at the task list level, and the more granular actionable insights that it gives you, help you get a detailed handle on your financial progress and performance as you progress through the various stages and milestones of your project.


Notifications help you track budget progress and ensure you stay as up-to-date as possible around how you’re tracking against your budget. The notifications are based on defined budget thresholds. For example, you can set up a notification to let you know when you only have 90% of your budget complete. 

Please note that the features mentioned span across different plans. Explore our pricing plans for a detailed breakdown or reach out to discuss switching to a better plan for you.