At Teamwork we understand that not all our customers want the exact same project navigation tab. This is especially true when you take into account the hundreds of thousands of users from varying industries that are within Teamwork everyday. But it’s clear to us that the ideal project setup–not only for each customer but each unique project–could be very different. That is why we invested in working closely with some of our customers to identify what is valuable to you in the project navigation tabs in Teamwork.

After extensive research and testing with customers, you now have the ability to customize your project navigation tabs across all your projects in Teamwork, so the view you use is ideal for your specific project. To ensure consistency across your users within each project, your selected view for each individual project will be the same for all users on that project.

Now you can build out projects in a way that reflects your workflow ensuring that your team is as efficient and organized as possible.

The biggest change that you will see is that you can now reorder, add or remove your top level tabs within a project and you can access your task views directly from the navigation bar.

As seen in the above video, this is now fully customizable. You can quickly turn on and off any features from projects and build out your tabs in the order that you want. This ensures the users on your team will have the most important project features available to them at all times so they can get their work done in an efficient manner.

Now project and site administrators can customize the navigation tabs and features for each specific project, via Project Settings. And with the click of a button, it’s easy to apply your project tab preferences to all projects within your account, by selecting ‘Apply to all projects” at the bottom of your settings.

Within these options, one of the main enhancements is that each task view now has its own dedicated tab allowing you to choose which task views are enabled for each project. 

Note that the tasks tab has now become List on your navigation bar, while the Board view sits under the Board tab and your Gantt Charts can be accessed via Gantt.

Within your settings area you can select the general subsection view to see your project features.  Here you'll have the option to select the 7 key features to go across your main nav as well as what goes under your More section and what features you want to turn off. Simply toggle over each one to enable or disable the feature for each project, and drag and drop your top features to reorder your navigation bar. 

Customizable project navigation tabs in Teamwork

It is also key to note that we renamed the Overview tab to Dashboard, the Dashboard area has everything that was originally within your Overview.

Now that you have the autonomy to remove the clutter, you can easily access the features that are most important to your workflow. For any associated features that are no longer as applicable, you can move the features down under the More dropdown or simply turn it off. If you want to learn more on how to customize your navigation bar, read our helpdoc here.

We hope that you start customizing your navigation tabs today to help you and your teams be more efficient, organized and happy.

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There are more updates coming to the navigation tab soon, so as always we would love to get any further feedback — please leave your comments in the comments area below or if you'd like to contact us just email us at