We’re Dedicated to Your Success!

If you’re new to Teamwork Projects, our Customer Success Team is here to help you through the first few days and weeks! This team is here to guide you through any issues you might have, from onboarding your team to learning how a new feature works.
We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the  webinars that will help you and your whole company get comfortable with our tools.

Tune into Webinars and the Customer Success Channel

We run webinars on a daily basis so you’re never at a loss for the information you need to make Teamwork Projects easy for you. These offer our new customers an introduction to Teamwork Projects, and they run through the very basics of Teamwork Projects, like getting set up or creating your first project, etc.
If you’re starting to settle into the product, and you’ve set up your projects, added your team and tasks and so on — but you might want to get more value from the app. We would strongly encourage you to check out our Customer Success Channel.
This is a virtual classroom setting where you can join in, ask any questions you might have and have them answered immediately. These webinars are hugely beneficial because you get to listen to others’ questions and get useful hints and tips that you may not have thought to ask yourself. It is run completely on your questions.  They last for an hour, so there’s lots of time to ask questions and get in-depth answers.
Our webinars run 2- 3 times daily for our customers who work across the globe. If you can’t make one, there’s always another one on the same topic in just a few hours.
Check out the schedule and book your spot here.