How did Agency 2.0, a crowdfunding marketing & PR firm, use Teamwork Projects to improve team and client collaboration and double their client numbers? Find out in this case study.

“We’ve found Teamwork to be intuitive and easy to use internally and for our clients. It’s been an irreplaceable resource that’s become an integral part of our day-to-day work.”
Agency 2.0 leads the crowdfunding marketing and PR industry with the most $1,000,000+ Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns of any agency. They got their start in 2010 with a record-breaking campaign, and since then have developed a 200-step marketing system that lets them create, design and optimize highly successful crowdfunding campaigns.
Senior Account Manager Haley Sedam outlines how Teamwork Projects has made Agency 2.0 a landmark crowdfunding success. Since 2010, they have completed more than 250 successful campaigns—with more than $37 million raised in the past two years.

The Challenges

Agency 2.0 founded their business using the project management software Basecamp,  but after a year and a half, they knew they had to find a better solution.

“Our process is streamlined into a precise order and flow. Because we are a small business, all of our employees take on a lot of responsibility, balance a lot of projects, and wear a lot of hats. In this case, organization is king! Basecamp was too elementary for our process. We needed a platform that was more workflow-based and task-oriented.”

Agency 2.0 was looking for software to support, guide and manage their workflow that spanned across multiple teams, from design to marketing–and covered each point in their 5-phase, 200-point process:

  • Phase 1: Account Set Up
  • Phase 2: Asset Collection
  • Phase 3: Pre-launch
  • Phase 4: Crowdfunding Live Launch
  • Phase 5: Close Out/Wrap Up

After a Google search brought Teamwork Projects to the attention of Agency 2.0’s founder Chris Olenik, they signed up without trialing any other software because they had a sense that Teamwork would be a perfect fit. The results were immediate.

“After reviewing our options, it was easy to see that Teamwork had the most functionality with the cleanest and most intuitive user interface.”

The Solution

Today, Teamwork Projects is the nexus of project organization and communication at Agency 2.0. Thanks to the array of built-in features, team members, and clients can stay informed about each task and point of progress.

Teamwork Projects has made client communication much easier and increased client trust as they can see the entire process outlined. Generally, they are impressed to see the work we are doing behind the scenes and they appreciate being able to navigate our internal process along with their responsibilities.”

Agency 2.0 credits their improved workflow within the team and with clients to many of Teamwork Projects’ time-saving features. They’ve found the task-based workflow attached to milestones especially useful because it fits seamlessly into their 5-phase process.

“The design team is in charge of creation of visuals. During different stages of the project, they are creating a website landing page, designing the crowdfunding campaign page, and making graphics for social and email marketing.
The marketing team’s tasks are triggered by the completion of tasks by the client and the Design Team. Once they have the necessary information, they establish the Facebook ad account, create ad campaigns, and schedule emails and social posts.
Lastly, the client has tasks they are responsible for, which include providing us with detailed information about their product in the form of tech specs, FAQs, press coverage, style guides, and product copy. It also allows for transparency with our clients. “


Teamwork Projects has allowed us to double the number of clients that we take on each year, due to faster and more effective processes.
Teamwork Projects has removed friction points in Agency 2.0’s processes with project and task list templates which automate workflows. The user-friendly design also saves time with clients, who use Teamwork Projects without a lot of onboarding supervision. In fact, the UI is so intuitive that Haley couldn’t recall a time when she had to use support to help resolve a problem, either for herself or a client.
Teamwork Projects has been great for Agency 2.0 and has become the lifeblood of our day-to-day interactions with our clients. The platform grows with our team and strategy.