In this case study, find out how digital marketing agency Impression increased team efficiency and productivity by switching from Basecamp to Teamwork Projects.

Laura Hampton is digital marketing manager at Impression, a leading digital marketing agency in Nottingham, UK. Their team of experts delivers SEO, pay per click management, content marketing, digital PR strategies and websites that grow businesses by increasing customer engagement. In just a few years, they have attracted a worldwide following, and the team has grown from just two members to 20+. In this case study, Laura discusses how Teamwork Projects provides her company with a platform for complete project management and execution, offering an all-in-one solution for team and client collaboration and communication.

“Teamwork has helped to make our team more efficient and more productive than ever before.”

“Prior to using Teamwork Projects, we used a tool called Basecamp which, for a long time, served all of our purposes. However, through various updates to their UI and fundamental changes to how their system worked, we began to find it less useful for the way we work. While it suited our needs initially, we didn’t get on with the more recent updates to their platform, and found it too clunky for us internally and to share with clients.”

The Basecamp platform functioned adequately when Impression had a few team members, but Laura and the rest of her team found that as the company grew, so did its demands for a tool with more functionality. To manage tasks, track time and exchange emails and messages, the team at Impression had to depend on various tools, which was confusing for team members and clients.

After Basecamp updated their UI, it became less intuitive for our team to see tasks that were assigned to them, and the change of layout on task lists made it difficult for our clients to keep up with what we were doing. We were also using so many different tools at the time that finding a project management platform that reduced the number of tools we were using became our focus.”

But choosing a new system wasn’t easy. About a year ago, the Impression team started investigating Teamwork Projects after a suggestion from a new hire who had used the software at a previous job. After careful evaluation and consideration, the team at Impression didn’t cross their fingers and hope for a good fit — they knew they had found a project management system that matched their needs.

“When we were initially looking at the platform, the Teamwork Projects webinars were really valuable, and meant everyone on our team could get a really good understanding of the platform before we committed.”

“Teamwork offered a slick UI with combined functionality that would reduce the total number of tools we use as a business.”

The greatest advantage that Impression found with was one-stop organization: all of the tools they needed were packaged together in one systemTask and project management, time-trackingreal-time messaging, and project reporting were included, removing the need for additional tools.

“For our industry in particular, there’s a great deal of reliance on tools. presented a way to roll some of these tools up together in one place, and that was highly appealing for us as a digital marketing agency.”

Today, the Impression team has several favorite features in Teamwork Projects. They find the precision of the time tracking feature particularly useful, giving them the ability to see time spent on individual tasks and allowing them to generate accurate timeline estimates for future projects. Using the software suite from is saving Impression a great deal of time that was previously wasted as they patched together various software solutions to help manage their workload.

“The time tracking tool was particularly interesting to us, and since moving onto the platform we have also stopped using Google Hangouts in favor of Teamwork Chat.”

Not only does Teamwork help streamline workflows and simplify processes, it also enables the team at Impression to give clients visibility on projects, resulting in smooth collaboration.

For us, choosing Teamwork Projects was all about the user experience. We use our project management tool internally as a team but also with our external clients–so it’s important the tool we use reflects well on us as a business.”

The Impression team is now more focused and workflows are streamlined due to the combination of features in Teamwork Projects. Impression reports noticeable improvements in efficiency and productivity after their adoption of Teamwork Projects, but they’re not the only ones who have been won over. Laura says that the company’s clients have been equally impressed by Teamwork Projects as they check in on the progress of their projects.

“Our clients have all responded very positively, and our team is working more efficiently than ever due to the Teamwork’s easy-to-use UI and the additional functionality like start and end dates for taskstime estimates and Gantt charts.”

The cost savings have also been a plus for Impression. Switching to Teamwork has allowed the company to reduce costs by eliminating subscriptions for various other apps as Teamwork combines the features of multiple apps into one platform.

“The in-built tools of time tracking in Teamwork Projects and the Teamwork Chat app have enabled us to cancel our subscriptions with other, separate solutions, and to roll up our requirements into one tool. We’ve also gotten a lot of praise for Teamwork Projects from clients, who use the tool to review progress and communicate with our team. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone.”

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