It’s more important than ever that sales teams are working all the leads and opportunities they have in their sales pipelines.  

So naturally, it would be really helpful for sales teams to be able to easily identify any deals that have been sitting in the pipeline for an extended period of time, without any action being taken on them.

Leaving those deals go unworked is like leaving money on the table. That’s why we’ve introduced the Teamwork CRM Deal Rotting Solution: to give sales teams greater visibility over the deals that are still waiting to be actioned, so they can be more productive and ensure no deal goes unworked.

The Rotting Solution is easy to set up and enables your sales team to quickly identify, via the Pipeline or list view, any deals that have fallen off their radar and which now need some actions or activity to get them moving through the pipeline stages again.   

The real power with the rotting solution is that you’re in control. You decide how long a deal needs to be inactive before it’s considered “rotten”, and you also have the flexibility to set this time period per pipeline stage so that it better matches your sales cycle. 

For example, at the start of your pipeline, you might go with a 1 day rotting setting, because you want to ensure that any customers who reach out to you are getting a timely response. Not only does this help your team to provide a better experience for potential customers, but it also helps to build a relationship — and make a great first impression — in the crucial early days of the sales cycle.

Then in the middle of the pipeline, you might have a 3 day rotting period as you try to set up a call or go on a site visit. These activities can take a little longer to organize, so you’ll want to make sure your rotting period gives enough time for the necessary back-and-forth communication between your reps and clients.

Finally, as you progress to the end of the pipeline, you’ll want to ensure that all of the effort you’ve been putting in up to now comes to fruition. That means that as you get closer to closing the deal, you may want to set your rotting solution to 1 day again, to ensure that you can keep momentum and get the deal over the line.


The great part about the Rotting Deals feature in Teamwork CRM is that you can map it to your own unique workflow and sales cycle. Not only that, but if things change (or if you didn’t quite get it right the first time), it’s easy to edit and update your rotting time periods and iterate based on experience.

Once the rotting period is set and the deal has no activity over that defined time period, it will change color and appear as red in your pipeline or list view, allowing you to easily identify rotting deals at every stage of your pipeline. Clicking into the rotting lead or opportunity will allow you to see how long the deal has been rotting for. 

Completing an overdue activity, scheduling a new activity or editing fields for a rotten deal will restore the deal in the pipeline. 

This enhancement  will help Teamwork CRM customers ensure that all of their deals are being worked on in a timely fashion, with no deals rotting on the vine and no revenue opportunities (or customer relationships) lost due to inactivity. 

For more information on the Rotting Solution in Teamwork CRM, check out our help doc here.