When customer and client management exist in the same ecosystem, agencies can deliver a more dedicated, personalized experience. There’s no lag time between client concerns being voiced and routed to the right team member. And when all customer-facing teams have access to the same information, leading to better cross-team alignment, your customers can tell the difference. 

Teamwork Desk is a ticketing system designed to easily manage customer queries, saving you time and money. Teamwork Desk also connects with your projects in Teamwork to streamline customer communication and troubleshooting. Managing your client requests in one central location—and seamlessly integrating with your projects in Teamwork—Teamwork Desk ensures you and your team deliver an exceptional customer experience.

HubSpot is a powerful, easy to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that helps agencies, companies, and organizations grow their customer base and keep them engaged. It facilitates everything you need to do in sales and marketing, customer service, and website and content management — and with powerful analytics, it shows how every initiative is performing and how every customer uses your services.

All that data from HubSpot and Teamwork Desk is even more powerful if it's accessible to your different teams. Unfortunately, many client-facing project management teams, sales teams, and customer care teams work siloed and lack the infrastructure needed to communicate customer data across platforms. This can lead to mix-ups among teams and over communicating (or under communicating) with clients. 

That’s where the Teamwork Desk Integration with HubSpot comes in. It allows seamless customer and client data management, including everything from product updates to ticket management. The integration connects your sales, marketing, and customer care teams in a customized and automated way.

You can control how to set it up: choose to go with a two-way sync, with Teamwork Desk data feeding into HubSpot and HubSpot data feeding into Teamwork Desk, or with a one-way sync, with either platform feeding one-way into another. It all depends on the specific needs of your organization.

Syncing with Teamwork Desk and HubSpot

Teamwork Desk and HubSpot help you keep a close eye on the customer experience from Day 1 until they’re longtime clients. It can help you provide support to your clients as issues pop up, and it significantly reduces the hours spent on data cleanup and verification. 

Here’s how agency teams improve client workflows and communication while reducing manual steps in the data management process using the Teamwork Desk Integration with HubSpot. 

Teamwork Desk and HubSpot help you track the customer and client experience from the moment they start considering your services, all the way through onboarding, their first weeks working with your team, and every project you embark on together. You can take this one step further and use HubSpot with Teamwork to manage your project work. This continuity allows for a more straightforward billing process: you can track billable hours in HubSpot and log them in Teamwork using Teamwork’s Chrome extension.

If your sales team leverages HubSpot to win and track new business, integrating HubSpot and Teamwork Desk means that those new customers show up in Teamwork Desk immediately. That means you can kick off customer communications early, helping to build that new relationship from Day 1 without worrying about missing customer details or data. Both systems can keep their client details synced, allowing for instant communication to your client about work being carried out (which also means less time spent sending email updates). Utilizing the Teamwork Chrome extension means from the moment a client is brought into HubSpot, you can start a project in Teamwork and keep everyone on their account up to date on what needs to be done for them. And this integration saves every team's time by enabling Teamwork projects, tasks, messages, and milestone creation directly in the HubSpot Marketing Hub.

HubSpot marketing hub

Teamwork Desk is an add-on ticketing system that can function as a complete help desk software, helping your customer care team track and resolve any customer issues. And with an integration with HubSpot, you can easily see what previous contact a new issue maps to — and get all previous interactions with the customer logged in both systems.

Having this data in both places means your sales team can be aware of any issues a customer has before they reach out for an upsell call. They’ll be armed with better information about where the customer is in their journey with your company, how happy they are, and how likely they’d be to upgrade your services.

Learn more about Teamwork Desk by watching the Teamwork Desk intro video.

Starred inboxes

Reduce data entry time with automation

Data entry is a time-consuming task that’s hard to avoid altogether — but with smart, integrated systems, your team can spend less time cleaning and entering data in multiple systems and more time focusing on doing the work that keeps clients coming back.

With HubSpot and Teamwork Desk’s integrated two-way sync, you don't have to worry about updating contacts or out of date info. All information that the customer gives your company will sync and update across platforms, keeping all your teams in the loop.

Teamwork Desk sync

This gives your teams peace of mind knowing that the same information will be available everywhere, wherever they make updates. Your sales and customer-facing teams will stay in sync and save time on data entry — it’s a win-win.

HubSpot and Teamwork Desk work together to connect previously siloed teams, reduce the burden of data entry and cleanup, and manage the agency client experience better than ever before.

Over 2,000 teams around the world are leveraging this powerful combination of CRM and project management. To learn more about how these two systems can integrate to increase collaboration, communication, and customer satisfaction, check out the Teamwork Desk Integration with HubSpot.