Not sure if Daft Punk ever thought their words would be used in a business blog but, hey, life’s full of surprises!

Here at, we know that hiring the right people is something every boss worries about. The best companies invest in their people as much as they invest in innovation.

The quality of your staff can make or break your business, so it’s important to include the right people. They are the backbone of your business! Inadequate and unsatisfied staff coupled with high turnover rates allude to a toxic and unproductive workplace environment.

One person does not make a business. Behind every great CEO there is a great team of employees. New hires are investments. They may or may not pay off. Bad hiring choices lead to waste of money and time. When employing new staf, why not use the Daft Punk Method:

Hire Harder: Study the resumé and make that interview count. Get all the information you can about the person.

Hire Better: Get well-rounded people with soft and hard skills. People who have high emotional intelligence, coupled with a strong skill set. Hire the best people. Don’t settle for less.

Hire Faster: Too often companies wait too long to hire much needed staff. Invest in employees. You will see your return! Not only in fresh ideas and new enthusiasm, but in not overloading current employees who are juggling too heavy a workload.

Hire Stronger: Socialize your new employees so they get to know the company culture. Review and progress meetings ensure you keep your staff.

This blog is going to teach you how to hire the best candidate every time.

How do you implement the Daft Punk Method you ask?

The Resumé

Trolling through resumés is boring and monotonous. It’s hard to get a feel for a person from an A4 piece of paper. Having a checklist is the most efficient way to pick your interview candidates. Write down key things you are looking for and check off the boxes as you go.

The Interview

You hire the whole package. You’re hiring the person flaws and all, so try to understand as much about them and their abilities in the interview process as possible to avoid any nasty surprises or drama queen antics in the office.

Study the resumé before interviewing the candidate. Highlight things you want to ask during the interview.

So, how can you really get to know someone in an interview? The first minute or two should be all about settling the candidate. You can do this by asking some soft questions like the age old Tell me about yourself, or you could use the time to tell them about your company, the job description, and what you expect out of the winning candidate.

The next stage of the interview should be question time. Probe and analyze their past academic and employment history looking for examples. Every answer’s merit should be cross-referenced with the STAR method (Situation Task Action Result).

See if they are proficient and can think on their feet! See if they have the ability to effectively communicate their knowledge, skills, motivation, and personality.

Trust your gut, pick the right candidate – pick the most well-rounded individual!

The First Day

Once you pick your winning candidate, set your new worker bee with a buddy or a supervisor. Introduce the new guy to everybody. Make sure you invite him/her to lunch. All in all, make sure you take care of your employee for the first few days. The simple act of taking the time to show someone where to find the coffee can go a long way!

The First Week

Check in with your new employee after the first week. See how they’re doing, if they have any questions, etc. This will make them trust and respect you. They will feel valued in the company, and any problems or queries can be hashed out straight away and won’t fester.

The First Three Months

Use the first three months of employment as a probation period. As the end of that period approaches, review their workload and see where they are at. This is an ideal time to meet to  discuss where you’d like them to be – giving them goals and focus. This meeting will allow room for appraisal, both positive and constructive.

Every Six Months

Every six months, you should have a progress meeting with your staff. This, like the initial three-month meeting, should be a review of how the previous six months have gone and how you would like the next six months to go. Set your employee goals and milestones, then agree to review again in six months.

Hire Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger | High Performance Blog

According to one study, only 11% of new employees were fired after the first 18 months due to a lack of proficient skills. Most of the employees were dismissed because they lacked social skills and motivation. So, it’s important to remember to hire the right personality along with the right skill set.

Socialize with your employee and make them feel welcome within the company. Review their progress and set clear goals. This approach ensures that your new employees stay and flourish with your organization! Hire harder, better, faster, stronger! Trust the Daft Punk method!

Do you think you will use this method in your workplace? Have you any tips on how to hire the best staff? Do you have a favorite Daft Punk song?