It’s that time again, for our monthly installment of helpful hints and tips.

1) Impersonating a user

As an administrator in the owner company, it is sometimes important to be able to view things as your clients view them.

We have an impersonate option that allows you to view everything as they would.

This option is found from within the People section. Select the user you wish to impersonate; on the left-hand side of their profile page you will see the impersonate option.

Note: this option is only available to administrators from the owner company. We will also be adding this at project level really soon 😉


2) Task reminders.

Recently, after 100s of requests, we added reminders to tasks, but we’ve found that people seem not to be aware of this.

There are two ways to add a reminder to a task:

a) In the drop down next to the task name, select the option for reminders, then select when and who should receive this.

b) Hover over any task within a project and select “r” to go directly to the task reminder screen.


3) What is a completed project?

A completed project has fulfilled at least one of the following criteria:

a) The project has start and end dates entered, and the end date has passed.

b) All tasks have been completed and checked off.

c) All milestones have been completed.

The project will be moved to a new section — Completed projects — in the Projects tab.


4) How to quickly assign a task to yourself.

When adding tasks, there is an option very few people are aware of: to quickly assign the task to yourself.

By double clicking on “Who should do this?” above the person selection box, the task will instantly be assigned to you.

As always we hope that you find these tips helpful 🙂