Introducing Gantt Charts for Teamwork Projects | Teamwork Projects

By popular demand, we’ve just added Gantt Charts to all accounts on Teamwork Projects!

Gantt charts are a great tool for planning, re-scheduling, and visualizing your projects. They have been one of the top feature requests every month for the last five years. We’ve been working round-the-clock over the last six weeks and, today, we are proud to announce that beautiful and powerful Gantt charts are now a part of Teamwork Projects. Feel free to take a look at our old Gantt Chart Video for reference. We’re currently creating a brand new one so check back soon.

How to access the Gantt Charts

To access the Gantt charts, go to the Tasks page of any project then look for the Gantt chart link on the left-hand side.

Introducing Gantt Charts for Teamwork Projects | Teamwork Projects

You can also just hit “G” on your keyboard from either the Tasks or Milestones tab in a project to jump into the Gantt Chart view. Hit the “Escape” key to exit at any time.

Gantt Chart Features

The Teamwork Projects Gantt chart already has some great features including:

Drag drop dependencies

Create start-to-end or end-to-end dependencies by dragging between tasks.

Drag drop dependencies | Teamwork Projects

Invalid dependencies

Invalid dependencies get highlighted in red so you can quickly fix them up.

Invalid dependencies | Teamwork Projects

Collapsable task lists

When working on a large project it will be useful to collapse the lists you are not working on.

Invalid dependencies | Teamwork Projects

Six zoom levels

We support six zoom levels from year view to day view! There is also a handy “Show all” button.

Six zoom levels | Teamwork Projects

Save when done

We designed the Gantt feature so you save the changes only when you are ready.

Six zoom levels | Teamwork Projects

Automatic task colors

The color of each task changes automatically based on people assigned to it.

Automatic task colors | Teamwork Projects

Update task progress.

Instantly change the progress of a task by clicking the percentage button on the left-hand side.

Automatic task colors | Teamwork Projects

Pushing & pulling of tasks.

By default, dependent tasks will automatically move forward when necessary (or hold ‘shift’ to ignore).

Automatic task colors | Teamwork Projects

Other features include:

  • Gantt charts use Full screen (even better when you hit F11).

  • Drag-drop to change tasks & milestones.

  • Drag task list bar to move all tasks and milestones.

  • Drag-drop reordering of task lists.

  • Drag-drop reordering of tasks.

  • Drag-drop to move tasks between lists.

  • Click & drag to pan the canvas.

  • Roll mouse wheel to zoom.

  • Roll mouse wheel to scroll up/down (left hand side).

  • Automatic calculation of task list progress.

  • Quickly assign tasks & milestones to users.

  • Add new tasks, task lists & milestones.

  • Update task, task list & milestone names from sidebar.

  • Quickly add multiple new tasks or task lists (with control-return).

  • User permissions respected.

  • Standard edit forms for setting advanced options.

  • Show all button – tries to fit everything on one page.

  • All modern browsers supported.

  • In-built help.

  • Shortcut keys – ‘G’ to access Gantt, ‘Esc’ to exit, ‘S’ to save changes.

  • Save changes alert when exiting.

  • Print support.

In-built Help

Video tutorials and frequently asked questions are available directly from within the Gantt Chart screen and we’ll be adding to these over time. We also have a dedicated Gantt Chart feedback link available in the Help section.

Dedicated Gantt Chart feedback link available in the Help section | Teamwork Projects

Over time, we will be expanding these videos and questions based on your feedback. Also included is a quick way for you to provide us with feedback on the Gantt Chart.

It’s still BETA

We’ve performed rigorous testing to ensure that the Gantt Chart is robust, but please remember that it’s still in BETA, so we recommend you save your changes regularly. If you notice anything that may not be functioning as you’d expect, hit Send Feedback in the Help section and we’ll get on it right away.

Browser compatibility

When we started work on the Gantt Chart we had a number of goals in mind. We wanted it fast, beautiful and fully functional. To accomplish these goals we’ve had to aim at modern browsers that support HTML5 Canvas.

The Gantt Chart will work in the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Opera

  • Internet Explorer 9 or 10

  • Safari PC/Mac

The Gantt Chart will not work in Internet Explorer 8 or earlier and we’ve restricted access to it from touch devices such as iPad. We recommend that you enable Hardware Acceleration if you are using Firefox on PC.

Future plans

Before you start screaming at us for more, we have plans to add more features to the Gantt chart over the coming weeks including support for: show hide/completed tasks, filter by user(s), critical path, user availability view, improvements to speed and compatibility, mobile browser support, reload, and the ability to bring in changes from outside. If you have any other suggestions we would be more than happy to hear from you [feedback etc.]

Wrapping up

It’s been quite a busy month here again at with long nights committed to getting-it-right. We’d want to especially thank Donal for his hard work on making this feature come together so quickly.

The Gantt chart feature is something we are really proud of, so we hope you are going to love this and look forward to your reaction!

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