We’re constantly improving Teamwork based on customer feedback and requests. Below are some highlights of changes and fixes we’ve made to Teamwork during May.

  • Google Apps Marketplace: Google App complete supporting Single Sign-On (Waiting on Approval from Google)
  • Risk Register: Added option to copy to another project
  • Task Report: Sub-tasks are now displayed indented and under parent task
  • Project Report: Sub-tasks are now displayed indented and under parent task
  • Teamwork Timer: Support added for sub-tasks (Download latest version from https://www.dropbox.com/s/6w6bxcl8elig5f5/TeamworkTimer.air)
  • Dropbox Files: Serve PDF files directly from Dropbox Website via Shareable Link
  • Reorder Tasks: Complete re-write to make reordering tasks via drag and drop easier and more reliable
  • Notebooks: Allow indenting of text using tab or indent buttons
  • People: Fixed issues in IE8
  • Search: Indicate if a task is a sub-task with a tipped label to parent task
  • Search: Indicate if a task has been completed or not
  • Milestones: Hovering over the assigned to text shows a list of all people assigned to the Milestone
  • File Download: Fixed issue where docx ,xlsx, pptx type files were detected by IE as Zip Archive files.
  • Calendar: Added option to generate a report from before Today (6 or 12 months in the past)
  • Projects: People: Added ability to select all users from a specific company to add to a project
  • Gantt Chart: Fixed issue with printing Gantt
  • Gantt Chart: Added sub-tasks

To see a full list of changes and fixes, check out our Latest Updates page