This month, we thought it would be nice to hear from a customer who runs a very hands-on type of business. You don’t have to be a tech-type company to be able to benefit from using an online project management app.  Olaf Unsoeld is from Fine Wood Conservation Ltd in Brooklyn, New York.

Fine Wood Conservation in New York share their Teamwork Projects story | Teamwork Projects

We are a small company of furniture conservators, restoring antiques and modern furniture, objects and architectural elements made of wood. We currently have three full-time employees and we take on interns for six months of the year. In some cases, we will hire subcontractors for special projects when additional expertise is required.

We have no office manager and before Teamwork Projects, I was solely responsible for managing projects. This involved keeping tabs on projects, profitability, and deadlines, which proved to be very time consuming.

I examined spreadsheet programs and considered cloud based options. I soon realized that what we needed was something that could allow me to keep track of all the data and have access from the studio.

Having all of us enter our daily tasks and time directly would free me up from having to manually transfer time sheet data on a weekly basis. I spent weeks examining four or five options and finally settled on Teamwork Projects as the most suited to our needs, as well as being the most intuitive and comprehensive.

I have been using Teamwork Projects for over one year now and am very pleased with how it has helped us at Fine Wood Conservation, Ltd.

Now, after I have examined a piece of furniture or architectural element and had our proposal accepted, the first thing I do is create a new project, listing the date, client and general description.

I then create task lists, generally one for each object in the project, plus related management tasks. I will enter my time estimates per item and also cut and paste proposed treatments so that the person doing the work can quickly see what was proposed and act accordingly.

At the end of the day, each craftsperson will enter his or her hours and tasks completed [on their personal iPads!!]. I can then review the time expended and see how well I estimated a job and where I might need to focus more attention.

At the end of the month, I can generate a time log across all projects by staff to calculate payroll. I do not use Teamwork Projects for invoicing, as my accountant requires that I use a double entry bookkeeping system, but Teamwork Projects is my guarantee that I haven’t forgotten to send out the bill. Once an invoice has been generated, I then archive the project.

Fine Wood Conservation in New York share their Teamwork Projects story | Teamwork Projects
Teamwork Projects has eased some of the pressure in terms of project management, office management, and invoicing, allowing us to concentrate our resources on doing what we do best.

Fine Wood Conservation in New York share their Teamwork Projects story | Teamwork Projects
Doing what we do best at Fine Wood Conservation

Olaf Unsoeld

Fine Wood Conservation, Ltd.

481 Van Brunt Street, 4th Floor 10D

Brooklyn, NY 11231