The ability to see comments across all your projects in one place was a feature we had been discussing at TeamworkPM HQ for a while, but as you can all see from our roadmap, there is always a lot on, so this feature kept getting pushed out.
Last week, after Dan had a long conversation with a customer, he decided to dedicate a few days to finally get the All Comments feature built and out the door.
For people who have lots of projects on the go, and who receive a lot of emails a day. You guys are really going to love this update to the Everything section. We have added a new tab within the Everything link called, All Comments. This new section allows you to view all comments across all projects to which you have access to, in one place.

There are also a nice selection of filters to help you narrow things down so you can just focus on the information you are looking for.
You also have the option to jump directly into any project by clicking on the project name. You can link directly to the task or file the comment was placed on as well using the first link. We have also built in tool tips as well on the first link. Placing your mouse over this link will display more information about the task, file, etc. without having the leave the page.
As always we hope you find this new feature really helpful and if you have any feedback on this or any other areas please let us know.