As Peter was working on the new File Preview tool this month, Dan decided to knock a few feedback items off the suggestions list to make the Files section even better.

View items a file is attached to

A file in Teamwork can be attached to many items, such as Tasks, Messages, or Comments. When you are on the View File page there was no way of knowing if the file was used by other items.
This month, we added a new section to the Options panel on the left-hand side of the File View page showing if the file is attached to other items.
Clicking this link will show a dialog giving you one-click access to any tasks, messages, or comments the file is attached to.

Google Drive Image Thumbnails

When we developed the Google Docs/Drive integration with Teamwork we focused more on the native Google Docs file types (Documents, Spreadsheets & Presentations).
Since then Google Drive was released and is a great place to store your photos and images. This month we extended our Drive/Docs integration to also display thumbnails of your Google Drive image files.

Upload New Version button added to File View Page

When a file is attached to an item and a person notified by email the link to view, the file brings you directly to the View File page so you can add comments.
We realized that many people were missing the ability to add a new version from this view. This month, we knocked this feature request on the head.