So far, August has been a really busy month for the Teamwork Projects team. We have been steadily fixing all bugs raised by our customers and have also been attempting to improve wherever possible – tweaking features, adding shortcuts and accelerators, etc. Our growing team is fully dedicated to making TKO more stable by the day. We are thankful for the buzz our users are creating around the Beta.
While we are focusing on stability and bug fixing, we simply can’t resist the urge to make small enhancements in the process. 

Project Announcements and Dashboard Message

We use announcements and dashboard messages a lot. They’re really useful features and are great for communicating important messages to our teams. However, they used to be a pain to update, meaning they wouldn’t be changed as often as they should. We have now fixed this by allowing you to update these messages instantly, without having to route through Settings for a while. Give it a try!


Quickviews in Teamwork Projects are really powerful features. They allow us to work on just about everything without leaving the page we are currently on. We’ve added this option to all notifications which means that you can now preview the item related to a notification without jumping back and forth between pages.
Wherever you see an update, like in the Dashboard or a project overview, you can hover over the item name and press “v” on your keyboard to show the Quickview. You can also use Quickview in the Notifications area under the Notification bell in the top right-hand corner of your screen. In this area, you’ll also notice a Quickview icon, a magnifying glass with a + symbol.

Keyboard Shortcuts

We find keyboard shortcuts really useful when working with tasks in particular. Being able to complete a task (“c”) or add a new comment at the stroke of a key (“n”) while simply hovering over a task means that you can work quickly and efficiently. We have decided to give you more power by adding these same shortcuts elsewhere. You can now complete and uncomplete a milestone by pressing “c”, while you can add a comment to just about everything by pressing “n” – making milestones, links, notebooks, and files quicker to work with.
We have also added a quick accelerator on the dashboard, making the list of projects more powerful and useful for you. If you hover over a link to a project in the sidebar on the dashboard and press “o”, you can now access the project’s menu to quickly access the project menu.


Some of the translations on TKO have been criticized (and rightly so), however, it was always planned to tackle translations last (once the UI had been completely re-built), so the team could dedicate time to doing so properly. We appreciate that having machine-translated text has been irritating for some, but we are working hard to give you the optimal experience. In the coming weeks, we’ll be working on having the languages fully and professionally translated.
We’ll be back with more enhancements and bug fixes soon, but in the meantime please be in touch to let us know how you’re enjoying TKO so far.