Over the last few years we have received lots of requests from users wanting to generate a Gantt chart view of their projects. We have been in two minds about adding this feature as a core Teamwork feature as we feel Gantt charts are only really interesting to a small percentage of our users. Since our tag line has always been, Project Management Made Easy, we felt adding Gantt charts could potentially scare the pants off our target user base.
Last week we bit the bullet and released a feature that hopefully looks after both camps – those who want Gantt charts and those who want easy project management.
Instead of going full force into the charting world we decided the best approach would be to interface with existing Gantt applications. We have built in a new Export to Gantt feature. You now have the ability to export your Tasks and Milestones to either MS Project or the free Gantt chart viewer called Gantt Project.

There are a number of ways to export your data:

1. Via the task page. Go to the bottom of the column on the left and select Gantt Chart Export:

You will be presented with a choice to export to MS Project or Gantt Project format. Select the option which applies to you.
If you go with Gantt Project Export as your choice, we also supply you with a link to download the free viewer if you don’t already have one.
Once the viewer is downloaded and running choose the import option and then click on your downloaded file to see your project within Gantt Project.
2. Via the project options page. Click the Project Settings tab in a project and choose Gantt Chart Export