Error 505 when installing Teamwork on Android 5.0

Posted by: The Teamwork team
We are aware of an issue affecting some users where they are unable to install Teamwork’s Android App on their Android device after updating to Android Lollipop 5.0.
Google have confirmed this is a problem in Android Lollipop 5.0, and that it is affecting many apps in different ways. Google are working on a fix that will hopefully roll out with a Lollipop update. Unfortunately, we do not have a timeframe for an update or solution at this stage.
If you would like us to update you when the issue is resolved, please contact us at and we will notify you as soon as there is a solution to this problem.
*Update* – some users have reported that doing a factory reset of their device has fixed many of the issues affecting different apps. 
*Update 2* – Google have confirmed this issue has been fixed with the 5.0.1 update that is currently rolling out. Users who have not yet received the Lollipop update will not experience any issues with our app when upgrading. It’s not clear as of yet if the update will fix the issue for users who have already upgraded to Lollipop. These users may still need to perform a backup and factory reset and their devices before they can run the Teamwork Android app again if they have not done so already.

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