Dropbox integration is now available on Business 2, Corporate and Enterprise plans.


We are excited to announce that we have just launched Dropbox integration for TeamworkPM!

We’ve been working hard on this for quite some time and it feels good to release this top requested feature for customers on the Business 2, Corporate and Enterprise plans.


How does the Dropbox integration work?

When you link a Dropbox account with Teamwork you can reference your Dropbox files through Teamwork so they appear within the files tab of your projects. The files reside on Dropbox so when you change a file on your local computer, the very latest version is available in Teamwork. This will also gives you the ability to reference the same file across all your projects easily without having to upload the files separately into each project.


I’m itching to give it a go, how do I set this up?

Customers on the Business 2, Corporate or Enterprise plans get a new tab on the Site Settings page called Integrations. It’s pretty easy once you visit that tab but here are some step-by-step instructions:


1. First thing you need to do is to allow Teamwork to access your Dropbox account.

To get to the Integrations section, click on Settings in the top right, then click Site Settings. On the settings page, click the new “Integrations” tab.

Click on Connect Dropbox button to go through the authorization process. You will be directed to the Dropbox website and prompted to log in. Once you log in to the Dropbox account you want to use with Teamwork, Dropbox will ask you if you want to allow Teamwork to connect to your Dropbox Account. Course you do, so click Allow.


2. Choose your top-level folder.

Dropbox will then send you back to your Teamwork account and you will be prompted to select the Top Level Folder for your Dropbox integration with Teamwork.

Don’t worry if you have other folders and files within your dropbox account that you don’t want others to have access to. Users will be limited to the Top Level Folder you select here and won’t be able to browser below this.


Once you have successfully connected your Dropbox folder you’re good to go!


Project Level Folders

Each project can have it’s own Project Level Folder selected which users on your project are confined to. This can be selected in the “settings” tab of each project.


Settings Project Dropbox Permissions

When you choose a folder for a project, you can also specify who can browse and add files from this Dropbox folder to your Teamwork project.

If users have permission to access the Dropbox folder for a particular project, they will see a Dropbox button on the Files tab.


Browsing Dropbox and Linking in Files

Clicking the Dropbox button will now pull up a new file browsing interface for selecting a file (or files) from your Dropbox account and attaching it to the project you are working on.

Once you have then selected the files you wish to upload to your project just click on “Link-in Selected Files” You also have the option to quickly view a thumbnail of any images within your Dropbox folder by hovering your mouse over the file for a second.

Clicking “Link-in Selected Files” will add the Dropbox files to your project. You can easily see at a glance which files are linked to from your Dropbox account via the logo displayed under the files.


And there’s more….

When you create a new task or message (if you have permission to use Dropbox on the project) you will see a new option when choosing a file called “Dropbox”. This allows you to choose and link the Dropbox files while you are creating your task or composing a message.



  1. Anonymous

    We’ve been waiting long time (more then year) for this integration but we have Business 1 plan too… :( business is buisness 😉 1 or 2 what a diffrent :)

  2. Daniel Mackey

    @Lisa You’re welcome! This was challenging but fun :-)

    @Rahil We had to make a business decision here and limit it to Business 2, Corporate and Enterprise. Our price plans are based on active projects and file space so adding Dropbox was challenging from a business point of view as well as a technical point of view.

  3. Daniel Mackey

    Glad you like it Sascha! You can send the beer to “The Monkeys in the Engine Room, c/o Teamwork PM, North Point House, Blackpool, Cork, Ireland” :-) We also accept chocolate…. Dan.

  4. Daniel Mackey

    @joe You would need to share a folder from the linked account with the other Dropbox accounts. This way you can have one master account for authentication and as many other Dropboxes as you like.


  5. Anonymous

    Would love to see a video on this for us “less than Business 2″ folks… would like to see exactly how integrated it is, and if it would be worth the upgrade.

  6. Anonymous

    That’s really sweet and it works like a charm with our pro Dropbox account. I was thinking of not using it anymore, but you gave me a reason to renew.

    Dan, any chance we can see a Google Apps gadget soon ?, it’s really annoying to not have those nice little buttons under each email, with things such as “Save as task in TeamworkPM” etc. Insight.ly, Gqueue, Zoho, Producteev and zillions of others have it. Please !
    I had to subscribe to Gqueue, but it’s much less interesting than teamworkpm for collaboration, however their google app gadget rocks : check this screengrab https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/qibBcUg0MhZTybLLqS2r717PjG7J5dZJ2sx8PDdUKYU

  7. Anonymous

    I’m a little confused about the folder selection. We have various project folders in our dropbox folder but when asked to select the “top folder” we are not able to select the main dropbox folder but are required to select a folder within it. It seems I would need to put all of the project folders in a subfolder (i.e. PROJECTS) and select PROJECTS as the “top folder”. Is that correct?

    Then I’m assuming we can assign a sub-folder within the projects folder for each project so our clients do not see the files within the other project folders. Is that correct?

  8. Peter Coppinger

    Bryan, I just did a test and you should have no problem setting up the top level folder of your Dropbox account as your TeamworkPM “top folder”.

    So no, you don’t have to move anything, all good. Go to settings and give it a go again and if you still have problems, just drop us a line using the feedback system within TeamworkPM and reply in minutes..

  9. Anonymous


    This is brilliant thanks.

    I see Google Apps integration is number 24 on the roadmap – are you able to say how long before this great feature is available? Right now I’m looking at switching from Teamwork to one of the CRM systems that allow integration.

    I would love to stay with you guys though!

  10. Anonymous

    Phil is right, and you guys would also get HUNDREDS (if not thousands) of new subscribers from the Google Apps page. Some of them paying ! Think about holidays on a Caribean island,
    The email system is great but really I’m dreaming of a GoogleApps gadget from within my mail. That, and advanced privacy options would make things so much better. :)

  11. Anonymous

    Great feature and a key reason we’re now on Teamworkpm. I have a few very wishful thinking requests. It would be great to be able to push docs to dropbox once their up on the files section of projects and or directly when they’re uploaded to Tm. It would also be wonderful if there were more tags for documents and/or tag integration with dropbox.

  12. Anonymous

    I am using this new option and this is great.
    Small question …
    Is it possible to remove the button upload on a file on the teamworkpm and just keep the button DROPBOX?
    Thanks for the answer.

  13. Daniel Mackey

    Hi Lambert, Delighted you like it! Unfortunately there is no way to remove the TW File Upload button but we’ll keep it in mind for a future update. Dan.

  14. Anonymous

    Congrats to Dropbox team for this great integration!

    I just integrated my dropbox account with teamwork and it works great! This feature alone can help me to save time to look after files in dropbox. Before this, I have to upload to dropbox and inform my workers on the file location.

    With the file linking option in teamwork, it will eliminate the type error. Besides, I don’t need to get my workers open multiple dropbox accounts and shared the files. All files will be stored in one dropbox account. :)

    The next thing I like to see is to be able to use app version on my Samsung Android phone. Currently I use email or web to reply task feedback. Hopefully it wont take too long to see that happen. *Wink*

    Double thumb up for Teamwork team!

    Steven Wong

  15. Peter Coppinger

    Hi Steven,

    Thanks for your kind words – we actually really enjoyed working on the Dropbox integrations and as fans of Dropbox I suppose we went the extra mile to make the integration a really good one. Nice to have our efforts appreciated!

    I just wanted to let you know that we indeed so have an excellent Android app. Just go to the Android marketplace and search for “TeamworkPM” OR just follow this link:


    If you have any problems finding or using it, shoot us a feedback and we’ll get straight back to you.


  16. Anonymous

    So, is there no way to edit the file saved in Dropbox from within TeamworkPM? It looks like all you can do is view it. I’m not sure I understand the benefit of this “integration” if I can launch the file from inside of TeamworkPM, edit it, and then save it right back to Dropbox. Perhaps I’m just missing something.

  17. Peter Coppinger

    Hi Phyllis,

    The very nature of Dropbox means you should be able to edit the file on your local computers Dropbox. Teamwork doesn’t provide editing options.

    I hope this helps.

    Email me at peter@teamworkpm.net if you want to discuss this more.


  18. Anonymous

    Very promising! Can you only integrate one Dropbox account (from which a file would presumably need to be shared amongst all of the participants to access the file or would need to be files that are shared publicly).

  19. Sam Kidd

    @Ian You just need to link in a Dropbox account. Once this is done any users on the project that you wish to see the file can. You don’t have to have the files in the public folder or have each user linked to your Dropbox account outside of TeamworkPM.

  20. Anonymous

    Hi there folks,

    How do I create a sharable link from my Dropbox files within TW? This is mentioned in the Engine Room blog, but I can’t see any instructions on how to do it. I want to be able to email a link to a Quicktime to people that don’t have formal login to my site.

    Many thanks guys,

  21. Daniel Mackey

    Hi Tom, If you are on the View Page for a file (by clicking the name of the file in the Files tab) on the left hand side under options, you can create a Shareable Link for the Dropbox file. This only shows if the Project Setting for Shareable Dropbox files is turned on. Dan.

  22. Anonymous

    Hi, we have a dropbox account and within the account we have a separate folder for each of the clients we work with. Those same clients are listed as accounts in our Teamwork PM but I only seem to be able to link one of the folders and when I go back to try to link another one it says we’re connected to the original dropbox file that we already connected. Can I link each dropbok folder to each of my clients on TeamworkPM?

  23. Cristina

    I am trying to save all the files in one of my projects to a Dropbox folder. I know how you can pull files from Dropbox into TeamworkPM but not sure how to easily save files from TeamworkPM to Dropbox.

    • Adrian Kerr

      Hi Cristina,

      No option for this at the moment I’m afraid, I definitely add it to our list here though.


  24. Sarah

    It would be great if we could integrate a dropbox folder to our client company as well, separate from the folder in our owner company.

    • Adrian Kerr

      Hi Sarah,

      It would be nice, there are no immediate plans but we may look at this in the future.


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