During Teamwork Spaces 12 Days of Christmas, we'll be sharing tips, best practices, use cases, and releasing new features to help you get the most out of Teamwork Spaces.

How many times do you get sent a link to a page in Teamwork Spaces that is going to take a while to read and you just don't have the time right now? Or you’ve been looking for a page that you started editing a few days ago that you didn't quite get finished. Wouldn't it be great if you could quickly tag a page so that you can easily find it on your next visit to Teamwork Spaces?

As you probably know, at Teamwork we constantly use our own products. So when our annual hackathon was announced, Ryan, a Team Lead in the Teamwork Spaces team, was quick to decide this issue was something he wanted to solve. 48 hours later, starred pages was born and we were so impressed that we decided this was one hackathon idea that deserved to be released as soon as possible. So after giving it some additional polish, here it is.

Favorite an individual page

You can favorite an individual page by clicking the star beside the page title. 

See the list of starred pages by following the link on the home dashboard sidebar. 

List of starred pages

Any pages that you have starred will be listed there and you can follow the link straight to the page. Once you have finished reading the page you can easily click the star to remove it from the starred pages list.

If the page is made private by another user or deleted it will be automatically removed from your list. 

This lovely little feature has also gotten us thinking about all the other quick links that we'd like to see. If you haven't already sent us your list of the top things you'd like to see in Teamwork Spaces, you can always contact us via spaces@teamwork.com or add your ideas in the comments section below.