Digital Crew Project Manager

Update Online

The major update to the All Tasks page that Dan has been working on has just gone live and I am delighted with the changes.

I could see myself working off this page alone now, working my way through the tasks. I like the notepad style feel of it. Good work, Dan.
New ‘Assigned-To’ Pills
You should have seen Sam, Dan, and I yesterday gathered around Dan’s 5 monitors arguing (I mean discussing) passionately if and how the display of who is assigned a given task should change. We had tried putting the name of the person on the right hand side but Sam made a valid point that it was hard to scan a task list for the items assigned to you. We tried all sorts of combinations and I’m happy enough with what we have come up with and will be even better when we finish a bit of tweaking over the coming weeks.
Anyhow enjoy the update and feel free to send us feedback – we love feedback at (or comments here).
ps. another update coming in about 5 minutes… to launch something I have been slaving away on for the last 2 months…