At Ayima, we needed a Project Management tool that would allow us to collaborate internally and project manage the needs of our clients. We’re a fast growing Digital Agency, so both our client numbers and internal teams are increasing. More and more team members are beginning to work on the same account, from SEO Consultants and Project Managers to Designers and Developers. We needed to find a way to effectively manage the growing amount of work and people involved. Email inboxes were becoming hard to manage and stagnant Excel spreadsheets, as well as our previous project management tool, were no longer productive.

A decision was made to find a tool that would allow us to manage the workload more easily, track client deadlines and to collaborate and communicate with colleagues both here in London and in our international offices. As a lot of us often need to travel, we also wanted something we could tap into whilst on the go. A project management app! Simple, right?
Wrong! We trialed a number of tools and even spoke about asking our developers to build an in-house tool, as it was proving difficult to find something that had all or even most of the elements we needed.
Then we came across Teamwork Projects. It seemed user friendly, had a great interface and appeared to have the majority of features we required. We decided to trial it with our SEO Consultants and Executives for a few weeks before rolling it out to the rest of the business. We needed to ensure it would work for our agency and help people with their workload rather than creating more. This was important for optimal buy in from all employees. We needed everyone to realize the benefits and to use it as part of their every day work processes.
In just a few short months we have noticed a huge difference in the way we work. It has made us more efficient, no task or action gets hidden in a long trail of emails. It allows consultants working both here and in the States to work collectively on various projects and allows Project Managers to oversee the work that is being done and ensure everyone is hitting client deadlines.
As Client Services Manager, my priority is to ensure the client’s work is being prioritized correctly and deadlines are being met.
Teamwork Projects allows us to do this so easily. Task lists and tasks can be prioritized, it even flags late and up coming task deadlines. So there’s no way anything can be missed. Our SEO Consultants are now using this on a daily basis, they prioritize their workload based on client deadlines, and allocate tasks to different team members without the need for long-winded emails or lengthy inefficient meetings. It also allows us to collaborate with our international colleagues more easily without having to coordinate conference calls and time differences.
The time tracking feature enables the team to track the amount of time we’re spending on certain tasks and on particular clients so more resources can be provided where and if necessary. Project reports allow us to be more transparent with clients. The downloadable PDF can be shared with clients regularly to highlight our progress on projects and to share an active working sheet of actions.
The guys at have been pretty amazing with their help and assistance. Customer service at its best! We’ve been on to them a few times, asking for help or new features to be added. I can honestly say, I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait 5 minutes for a response. Whilst they’re not always able to implement a new feature immediately, they do add it to their list of requests and promise to look into implementing it soon or add it to their features and development roadmap.
I’m looking forward to lots of new features already!
Kate O’Mahony,
Client Services Manager at Ayima.