Another small but useful update to the Tasks via Email functionality.
Recently we added the ability to assign tasks by including Twitter-style mentions in the task e.g: @dan @peter @sam
It works it out by joining the users first and last name and matching that way so, for example, as my name is “Daniel Mackey”, the following would work @dan or @daniel or @danielm or @danielmac or @danielmackey
Today, we’ve added the ability to also assign a due date to the task (or tasks if you’re posting multiple items).
To specify the due date, simply include it in square brackets somewhere in the task.
You can use [today], [tomorrow],[next week],[next month], [sunday] ….. [friday] or specify it in your date format such as [22/03/2011] if your date format is set to dd/mm/yyyy.
If you have a date format, such as mm/dd/yyyy, you can specify the date as [03/22/2011]
As always we try and accommodate variations so you can also do [fri], [mon], [sat] 🙂
When you use the name of a day such as “Friday”, we’ll pick the next Friday from today and assign that as the due date.
Hope this helps some of you guys! From our logs tasks via email is extremely popular!