Emailing tasks to TeamworkPM has always been a popular feature. One of the items we decided to have a look at this month is the ability to add Subtasks via email.

Since we released Subtasks last April, it quickly became apparent that we needed to add this option not just for email but also for the quick add. So, how do you do this?


When creating a task via email, under the main task add your subtasks. Each subtask must have a # entered in front of it.

For example:

 Send tasks via email | Teamwork Projects

Quick add:

When creating a task using the quick add option, create a subtask under the main task by adding a # to the tasks under this.

For example:

Create tasks via Quick add | Teamwork Projects

There is no limit to the number of subtasks or main tasks that you can create. There is, however, a limit of 78 characters per line, due to the nature of email.

We hope you like what we think is a very useful addition.