Turn emails in your Gmail inbox into tickets in Teamwork Desk for a more streamlined and efficient workflow. For teams who use Teamwork Desk to support their customers, our new Gmail add-on could be the missing piece of your workflow. This add-on allows you to create tickets directly from emails in your Gmail inbox so all of your communications can be handled from Teamwork Desk — meaning nothing goes unanswered. The Gmail add-on for Teamwork Desk can be especially useful if you work in a client-facing role. We’ve all been there: a customer or prospect gets hold of your personal work email address and pings you an email with a quick question. For times like these, the Gmail add-on lets you quickly turn the email into a ticket in Teamwork Desk, keeping your communication organized in one place so other agents can jump in if necessary and your team doesn’t lose visibility over important communications

How it works

When creating a ticket directly from your Gmail inbox, you can add your ticket to a specific inbox, assign it to the right person, add tags, attach the email body, and more. You’ll have access to any field that you would normally see in a ticket within Teamwork Desk on your Gmail add-on — and yes, that includes all of your custom fields! Download the Gmail Add-on for Teamwork Desk from the G-Suite Marketplace

For more information on how to set up this Gmail add-on for Teamwork Desk, check out our help doc. If you need a hand getting started with this add-on, send an email to support@teamwork.com and one of our support agents will be more than happy to help.