Everybody hates when things go wrong – internet connections go down, or in the middle of a long Notebook entry, or you click the wrong button and the browser closes.
It’s happened to us all at some time of our lives, and when there is no draft version saved it can leave you feeling pretty miserable.
The Notebooks section in Teamwork always had a prompt if you tried to navigate away from the document you were writing, but it didn’t help if the power went, the machine restarted, or your internet connection went down.
We’ve had quite a few requests for browser side saving of drafts, and this month we dug in and implemented HTML5 storage on Chrome, Safari and Firefox (IE9 is supported if certain settings are enabled.)
Browser side Draft Storage added to Notebooks
Now when you write a Notebook and something happens where you lose your Notebook content, when you get back a new button is shown in the Editor toolbar if a draft was successfully saved.
Click the Restore Draft button and your content will be retrieved. Once your Notebook is successfully saved the draft will be removed.