Every once in a while we like to post a sneak peek at what we’re working on. As we’re pretty close to a final version of the new Billing tab on a project, I’d like to give people the opportunity to test drive this new feature. In this round of Beta testing we are looking for people who use Freshbooks.
New Billing Tab with Freshbooks Integration
If you use Freshbooks and would like to export your Teamwork billable time and expenses, send us a Feedback message from within your installation and we’ll enable the tab for you.
When we enable the Billing tab, you will now be able to turn on Billing for existing projects and any new projects you create.
Once you create an invoice and add time or expenses to it, you will be able to export it in various formats.

  • PDF
  • Excel
  • Freshbooks

New Billing Tab with Freshbooks Integration
To connect with Freshbooks, you will need to enable the Freshbooks API in your Freshbooks account and grab two bits of information we need:

  • Your Freshbooks API URL
  • Your Freshbooks Authentication Token

Export Invoices to Freshbooks Teamwork Projects
The first thing you will be asked when you authenticate successfully is to choose a client from your Freshbooks account. We’ll pull these back and allow you to choose the client from the drop down. Once you pick the client the new invoice will be posted to Freshbooks. Simple and cool.
We are currently working on two more integrations:

  • BlinkSale
  • Harvest

Once we have finished this round of Beta testing, we’ll release this to everyone and it will be available to all customers of Teamwork. We’ll post up a full blog post of how it works and how best to use it.