In case you missed them, here’s a roundup of some of the small but awesome changes we’ve made to Teamwork Projects over the last few weeks.

This month we’ve added options to allow you to filter more efficiently and get even more creative with your Notebooks and Milestones. Here’s the rundown!

1. Exclude Tags Filter

You now have the option to exclude certain tags when filtering your tasks, allowing you to view even more granular information. For example, you could now run a filter to get an overview of the tasks you have due in the next 30 days, but exclude the tasks you’ve tagged as “on hold” or “waiting for feedback,” so you get a more accurate view of your workload. Tags can be excluded for tasks within the Everything area of your site and also at a project level.
You can check out our help doc to learn more about working with filters.

2. Board View Gets a New Trigger

Now it’s easier than ever to keep your Board View and List View in sync. We’ve added a Modify Task List trigger to Board View so you can set cards to automatically move to different task lists in the project. If you’re a fan of using both List View and Board View together, this will make it much easier and more efficient to build your workflow around them.
For example if you have a “Completed” column, you can add a trigger for cards in this column to move to a “Send to client” task list.

3. Emojis for Milestones and Notebooks

Now when you are creating or editing Milestones or Notebooks, you can use emojis to let your colleagues know just how 😁, 😎 or in 💗with 🍕 you are. 
Emojis can be added using Markdown, which is as easy as inserting a colon before and after the emoji you want to use. You’ll find hundreds of emojis on this cheat sheet to get creative with!

4. Easier Access to Gantt chart

The Gantt chart is great place to get a high-level view of all the tasks on a project ——and now it’s even easier to locate. Previously you could select Gantt Chart under views in the left pane but now you can simply click on the new Gantt chart icon to the right of the Board and List Views.

5. New Editing Options for Notebooks 

When creating a Notebook, you can now insert tables and add background text color. This allows you to present information in a more engaging way and highlight areas that need more attention to your team members. 
We also have an exciting update coming to Notebooks next month… so stay tuned!

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.
Till next time!