It’s been a busy couple of weeks at Teamwork HQ which means only one thing. Updates!
The main items we have included in this update are:

  • Added the ability to assign Milestones to multiple people (One of our top requests!)
  • Edit event types on calendar
  • Color code Milestones by status on the calendar
  • New company and people listing and editing (Peter did a great job on this)
    • A – Z listing added
    • Quick search
    • List or Card view
    • New editing/adding interface
    • Sets the App up nicely for the new Contacts feature coming in about 2 – 3 weeks.
  • Cut down complexity (and some confusion) on the Milestone calendars on the Dashboard and Project Overview
  • Improved sending of the Daily Report to make it more reliable.
  • Removed any auto-selecting of notify options if the user was not part of the owner company. This helped 10% of our users but confused 90% so it’s gone.
  • Improved the parsing of replies from Reply-by-email functionality (For the record, I absolutely hate auto-responders and have a lot more gray hair this week!)

Teamwork Projects – August 2010 Updates
There are quite a few small changes (and a couple of bug fixes) around the app too and a few updates to the architecture that needed to be added now to set the groundwork for future updates.
We have a load of suggestions and updates queued up which we didn’t get time to squeeze into this release so over the coming weeks you may see your feature implemented 😉
Have a good weekend!