Wow another month has whizzed by … and yet again we’ve been super busy here at Teamwork Projects HQ. Here’s a list of the updates we have for you this month:
Dropbox Integration!
We are really excited to announce that Teamwork Projects now integrates with Dropbox! Available on Business 2 and higher plans. This has just gone live today, hope you LOVE it. For more info read the blog post – Dropbox integration is now available available on Business 2 and higher plans.
Milestones scheduled can now be shifted backwards
By popular request, when you move a milestone date, you can now adjust all other milestones backward as well as forward. This missing feature – shifting backward – was causing some of you a lot of heartache. We’re in the business of putting smiles on faces so we hope this cheers some of you up. For more information, read the full blog post: Milestone schedule can now be shifted backwards.
New grid view released for Files
We’ve added a nice way to view and find your files visually with the new Grid view option. Check out the blog post – New grid view released for files tab.
Create tasks by email now allows you to set the due date
Tasks by email is quickly becoming a vital feature for our Teamwork Projects users. This month we have added the ability to specify the due date of your task! You can say Next Week, Today, Tomorrow or enter a date such as 01/09/2011. Check out the blog post – Create tasks by email now allows you to set the due date.
Somebody leaving? Easily reassign their tasks.
You can now bulk re-assign tasks and milestones to another user. The main reason this feature was requested was that a person would leave a company and they would end up being replaced by someone else. Before you had to manually go through all the task assigned to them and reassign the tasks to the new user. – Read the full blog post – New in Teamwork Projects – Reassign all task and milestones.
Improvements to Tasks
We’ve make a nice batch of improvements to tasks this month including the following:

  • Improved layout of “Priority” on Task form.
  • Description now allows [pre][/pre] anywhere description is displayed – this keeps spacing and layout of your description.
  • Scroll form into view when editing a task at the bottom of the screen.
  • Reassign Tasks: Added in the ability to choose a specific date.
  • Create tasks via email form – added “Copy to clipboard”.
  • Changed “Show Completed Tasks” to a subtle link instead of a big messy button.
  • When adding a new task, close any other open Add Task forms.
  • Improved prominence of Add Task button.
  • Create via email now allows for a date. To assign a date, put it in square brackets e.g: [today], [tomorrow], [22/03/2012] etc.
  • Task timer: Starting timer now sends pop-up notification to other admins.
  • Comment Notification Emails: Added in link to exact comment.
  • You can now reorder completed task lists by completed date.
  • Recurring tasks: Added in support for “Every 2 months”, “Every 3 months”,  “Every 4 months”  and “Every 6 months” (by popular request).
  • Added ability to reply to an existing task comment instantly.
  • All Tasks page: Added categories to “Late” and “Current” tabs.
  • All Tasks page: Added in sorting by company.

Improvement to Notebooks

  • Updated editor to latest version – it just works better.
  • Added in justify button controls.
  • Added comment button to the end of a notebook.

Improvement to Files

  • Dropbox Integration. Wow oh wow – lots of work has gone into this. Hope you love it!
  • Grid View for files.
  • Added option to delete the entire file or just a particular file version
  • Improved spinner on deleting a file – now replaces “Delete” instead of whole line

Improvement to Milestones

  • Some TLC for milestone schedule – now has option to “show all” and months separated.
  • Quick Add Screen: Added confirmation that an email will be sent if notify is checked on at least one of them
  • Quick Add Screen: Added a toggle button for “Send Email” column
  • Printable Calendar: Added in Project Start and End dates if set

We made some Improvement to API

  • Added ability to delete a file DELETE /files/{id}.xml
  • Added “responsible-party-ids” and “responsible-party-names” to GET /milestones/{id}.xml
  • Added “private” to “GET /milestones/{id}.xml” request
  • Add deprecation flag to old “isprivate” field for “GET /milestones.xml” – change to just “private” now – for consistency
  • GET /milestones/{id}.xml returns “reminder” – yes/no
  • “fileId” now listed with task attachments
  • Changed “isprivate” to “private” for consistency
  • GET task/[id].xml returns file attachment details
  • Exposed “notifyeveryone” so you can change who gets notified when items are added to a project

Other Improvements
And a batch of other miscellaneous improvements include:

  • Your credit card bills will now say “Teamwork Projects” instead of “Digital Crew”.
  • “Features” selection available on create project screen
  • Database replication improved
  • When selecting users to notify there is now a business card tool-tip
  • When you make a payment, we now ask you for your Country and take VAT for businesses in the EU who doen’t provide a VAT number
  • New welcome screen with combined Invites option – old invites page deprecated
  • User Roles now are truncated and a hover shows all roles
  • Activity Log: Markdown not shown
  • Markdown: You can now put <code>….</code> around big blocks of code so it’s not touched by Markdown.
  • Copy project: Recurring info for tasks now copied across
  • Some javascript file size optimizations
  • Dashboard: There is now a Tooltip menu when you hover on a project name to jump to a various tab within the project
  • Time: Various tweaks to layout of grid data and reports
  • Risk Register: Added option to export as Excel
  • People: Project Administrators can now resend the welcome email to users on a project
  • All Time: Added Task list name into excel reports
  • All Time: When adding time across multiple projects, you can now pick a task per time entry slot

Some bug fixes

  • Couldn’t remove ALL files attached to task
  • Basecamp import now requires the provided user account to be an administrator account
  • Recurring tasks preview now updates after picking “Repeats on day of week”
  • Fixed display of file name if it was edited by a user in “Preview” and “View File” page
  • We no longer jump straight to the project when a user has access to only one project BUT has “Add Project” permission
  • UTF collation changes for correct sorting of companies and people in Czech
  • Daily Report: Use Installation Logo if one is set
  • Billing: Freshbooks Integration – XML Format not used in Description of line item for expenses
  • When file is given a display name, the activity log is also updated now.
  • Edit user did not check for Gravatar
  • Drag drop for tasks and tasks lists was creating multiple Droppables handlers causing intermittent problems. Working much better now. – Peter got beaten
  • Tasks: Via Email: Dateformat bug which gave incorrect month index – Dan got beaten
  • Time logs: Dropped invoice number – this is handled by the billing section now
  • Reply By Email: Messages: Notification email is now sent to people “subscribed” in the thread (not just people who previously replied)
  • Add tasks – fixed 401 with files tabs turned off
  • Time Reports – Filename date fix for time reports (Timezone)
  • Dashboard: Late Milestones: Grouping was not correct when projects are named the same
  • Notebooks Firefox 5: Changed how download works to work around quirk
  • Task Report: If time tab is turned off a mysterious “Tab 3” was showing
  • Freshbooks was only returning 25 companies – page size option – updated to take in 100 now

So… wow! Our little team has been busy this month and Peter is about to take a hard earned vacation in Tenerife.
But we are already waist deep into next months long avaited BIG update which many of you are going to love. Stay tuned – same time next month. 

Much love from Peter, Dan, Sam, Billy, Fiona, and “Young” Donal.
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