December is always a short month but that hasn’t stopped us ploughing through the feedback and suggestions. Here is what we got done this month.

Quick Add: Tasks, Milestones and Projects

One of the areas we really wanted to improve on this month was making it easier and faster to add tasks to your Teamwork account. Not just from within a project, but from any part of the app.
You’ll notice a new feature in the top right called Quick Add. Read More
Move or Copy a task list to another project
Before today, moving tasks between projects was a painful process. One by one…move…move…move…repeat until you die of boredom.
This month we added the ability to move entire task lists between projects. All tasks, comments, time logs get moved with one swift action. Read More
Move Milestones between projects
Since we added the ability to move Task Lists between projects, we decided to go one step further and also add the ability to move Milestones from one project to another.
Sorting added to the Project Chart
Last month we released a new version of the Project Chart. The feedback on this has been excellent but it was missing a sort option. This month we added in the ability to sort by Start Date, Project Name and Company Name.
Blinksale now added as an export option for billing
A few months ago we integrated Freshbooks and Harvest with the Billing section of your projects. This month it was time for Blinksale to get some love. From today you can export your time and expenses to Blinksale! Just in time for the New Year invoicing 🙂
Notebooks get a word count and resizable editor
Many people use Notebooks to draft letters, blog posts or PR releases. Sometimes it’s handy to know how many words you have written. We also added the ability to resize the Notebook editor vertically! Spot on for long content…
Preview of new Everything->All Active Tasks page
The Everything->All Active Tasks page is by far the most used page in the app. It also needs to be the fastest and most customizable page in the app so this month we worked on improving this. Our aim was to reduce the clutter in the filtering bar, make the results faster loading and add in paging. Mission accomplished. We put an option for you all to try it before we roll it out next month.
Updates to the Workload Report
The Workload report is a great way to see how busy people are. This month we extended the report so Administrators in the Owner Company can now see all estimated tasks across all projects even if they are not explicitly on a project. Small but extremely useful addition.
New 24 hour Calendar time picker
When we launched the Calendar on Teamwork we thought we localized absolutely everything. We were wrong. People who use military time formats still had to use the am/pm type time picker. Not anymore!
Small Ticket Items

  • Projects: When a project is renamed, it now creates a new Activity Log item
  • File Thumbnails: We finally tracked down and killed a slight bug of incorrect thumbnails for files named the same.
  • Time: When logging time and choosing a task, we shaved 1 mouse click off by not being dumb asking the user to click a button to finish
  • Time: When logging time and choosing a task, we now show the people the task is assigned to
  • Reply By Email: We improved this so Archived projects do not get new messages and comments added to it. We send an email back to the sender.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: We added a few more and fixed an issue on Mac Firefox when quick-switching tabs using CMD+number
  • API: Various updates and documentation additions

So that wraps up 2011. We have some great plans for 2012 so keep an eye on our Roadmap!