We are our own customer: we use Teamwork.com every single day to help us make Teamwork.com. So any little annoyances you see are probably bugging us too. We believe that this is one of the reasons Teamwork.com is so damn good – we are always thinking about how to make our own life easier, and so we fix these annoyances.
I was annoyed – every single time I’ve added a task to our internal “Minor Bugs” task list, I’ve had to use the following defaults:

  • Assigned to anyone
  • No start date
  • No due date
  • No privacy
  • No priority
  • No estimated time.

.. and just about always, I had to change these, usually to the same typical options.
I’m sure many of you can relate; you have tasks lists where you mostly pick the same options for new tasks.
For over a year now, I’ve been thinking that I wish we had the option of setting better defaults for any new tasks. So we’ve finally gone and done it – you can now easily customize the defaults for new tasks that are added to any of your task lists!

How to use Customizable Defaults

The first thing to note is that “New Task Defaults” is a completely optional feature that won’t get in your way until you’re ready for it.
To use this feature, simply edit your existing task lists and you will now find a new tab called “Advanced”. Under this tab you’ll see “Defaults for new tasks”.
Announcing Customizable Defaults for Tasks | Teamwork Projects
If you stop to think about it, we’ve always had defaults for your new tasks and these are shown here – assigned to anyone, no start date, no due date, no privacy, no priority and no estimate time.
Click the edit button to bring up the Defaults editor – we use the same familiar interface you are used to when editing tasks.
Announcing Customizable Defaults for Tasks | Teamwork Projects
Simply make your changes, click Save and close the edit task list form. Notice that you can specify relative dates like “Day 1” for the start and due dates (just like template tasks).
Now try adding a task, and you’ll see that Teamwork.com has picked up your Defaults options.
Announcing Customizable Defaults for Tasks | Teamwork Projects

We hope you love it

This feature will save you precious minutes and some repetitive effort every day. It’s simply another useful tool in your belt to make your life easier.
This change was a lot of work (much more than we anticipated when we started), but we have been using it ourselves for 2 weeks now, and we already love how it saves us time every day. We’re sure it’s going to make a difference to your project management life too.
As always, please share your thoughts in the comments.