Since the time of writing this blog, we have updated our messages. To see how you can add messages in your Teamwork Projects site, take a look at this video.
This morning we rolled out an update that brings you a slew of subtle improvements and drumroll.. drastically improved project messages!
Three view modes
The first thing you’ll notice is that we now offer three ways to view the messages section of a project: compact, list and expanded.
Message compact mode - Teamwork Projects
Message compact mode - Teamwork Projects

  • The compact view is useful when you have a lot of messages and want to scan them quickly.
  • The list view is the default; it shows a preview of the latest message.
  • The expanded view shows you the full original message and the latest reply. This view is similar to how the messages section used to work.

We worked hard to create these three elegant views which will hopefully cater to every users individual tastes and preferences. Once you switch to a different view, that option will follow you through to any other projects.
Unread messages are highlighted!
Messages you have not yet viewed are highlighted so now it is immediately obvious which messages have new content.
Unread messages are highlighted - Teamwork Projects
This simple improvement makes project messages vastly more useful. You can now easily see what messages have been added and updated at a glance.
When you click into a message, the messages you haven’t seen yet will now display a “new” icon beside them so you know which ones you haven’t seen before.
Message compact mode - Teamwork Projects
Tip: You may have hundreds of messages marked as unread right now – there is an option to mark all messages as read available by clicking the cog icon on the top right of the listing page.
The latest post is what’s important
We feel the latest message is what’s really important and for this reason the “compact” and “list” modes show the picture of the user who posted the last message on a thread. The original title is still displayed of course.
If you want a more traditional view, the “expanded” view still shows the original author first followed by the latest message.
Updated messages rise to the top
When a user responds to an existing message, that message will be now listed at the top of the page so that when you return to the project you will see the new messages instantly.
We initially show you 40 messages. To see more messages, you can simply click the “More” link at the bottom of any page.
Faster loading
The new messages system has been built using the latest client-side MVVM javascript technology to give you the best possible experience. The pages should load nice and fast for you, certainly much faster than the old messages.
“All Messages” updated
The “All Messages” page also uses the new messages listing system so you can use this one page to quickly scan unread messages across all your projects.
Unread messages are highlighted - Teamwork Projects
That’s it folks.
It was a lot of hard work to create something that looks so simple but that’s the general idea. We are really happy with what we have created and hope you are going to love using the new messages.