In recent months, we’ve seen a surge in the use of collaboration and communication tools among remote teams to simplify collaboration, and keep company cultures alive while working from home. 

At Teamwork, we believe that communication and project management tools should go hand-in-hand to ensure smooth team collaboration, and that’s where our latest integration comes in.

The new Teamwork and Microsoft Teams integration, helps you to simplify team collaboration, no matter where you (or they!) are in the world.

The Teamwork and MS Teams integration merges project management with communication, so teams can save time and be more efficient, by doing more from one place. With this integration, you can work on projects and tasks in Teamwork directly from your Teams workspace, as well as create tasks directly from conversations in Teams. Centralizing your work and communication keeps your team working efficiently, without having to navigate between multiple apps and windows.

The MS Teams and Teamwork integration drives collaboration, allowing you to take advantage of all your tools in one place. It prevents disjointed workflows and smoothens collaboration — making your team work as efficiently as a well-oiled engine.

Add a Teamwork project to MS Teams tab

Add your most used Teamwork projects to tabs in MS Teams so you can work on projects from your communication hub. When adding a project, select from Overview, Tasks, Board, or Gantt Chart view — so you can work in your preferred view. Once you’ve added your Teamwork project you can work on it right from MS Teams, saving you time on flicking between windows and helping you to create a central space for project collaboration.


Add Teamwork Spaces to MS Teams tab

You can also add your most used spaces to an MS Teams so you get quick access to project plans, SOPs, or playbooks right from one central hub. Haven’t heard of Teamwork Spaces? Try out our content collaboration hub here.


Add tasks in Teamwork from MS Teams posts

Not only can you add Teamwork to your MS Teams tab, you can also add tasks directly from your posts in your team conversations. This means as decisions are being made in your thread of posts, you can take quick action by creating a task in your chosen Teamwork project in a couple of clicks. Once the tasks are created, you or your team can navigate to tasks in Teamwork directly from MS Teams. 


Teamwork’s integration with MS Teams saves you time on switching between MS Teams, Teamwork, and Teamwork Spaces so you can now get a full view of project plans, and progress from one single space.

Projects that involve design work are notorious for needing multiple back and forth feedback for project managers and design teams, especially in an agency environment

Working on design-led projects in a separate workspace to Teamwork and communicating with designers, project supervisors and clients in MS Teams can be taxing on teams that have one thing in mind — to create the perfect output with few hiccups along the way.

This is a perfect scenario for the Teamwork and MS Teams’ integration to work its magic. With one central place to work from, designers can now have a bird’s eye view of the entirety of a design project from it’s brief, all the way to the final delivery, while maintaining a high-standard of communication and productivity by avoiding the fuss that comes with using multiple tools and platforms. 

This provides design teams with an overview of the project, while saving valuable time that can be spent working on their output, now that the details, such as reporting and follow-ups, can be done in a streamlined manner.

Connecting Teamwork with one of the leading communication tools was a no-brainer for us in our effort to make working in teams as fuss-free as possible If you need a hand getting setup, check out our help docs here or reach out to our support team at