August has been a very busy month for our Teamwork Chat team and we are delighted to have some new features and updates to share with you.

New Features

1. Grant access to external companies
We know that you want to take collaboration and productivity to the next level by using Teamwork Chat to talk to people in external companies on your Teamwork Projects site (such as freelancers, contractors, clients and collaborators for Web Design and Marketing Agencies, for example).
You asked and we listened! Now you can enable this in Teamwork Chat so that you can start conversations with your external people.
Some points to note: the owner company must initiate the very first conversation. For example, if I work with a freelance graphic designer called Julie, and I add her to Chat, she is unable to message me first. However, once I start chatting with Julie, she can send me messages whenever she wants.
Also, as an admin in the owner company, I can revoke access at any time, and Julie will not be notified.
Get started and find out how to enable this new feature here.

Updates and Improvements

2. People Picker
If you are the creator of a conversation (or an administrator), you can now add people easily by either searching for their user handle or their name with the improved People Picker. We’ve also made this look better too.
people picker before
Teamwork Chat new People Picker update
3. Faster startup speed
Everyone in your company is no longer loaded up front which has improved the startup speed.
4. Creating a task from a message
Another update that was requested by our users was to stop ‘@all’ notifications when a task was created in Teamwork Projects from Teamwork Chat. We have removed the third step in the Create Task form and everyone is no longer notified.
Instead, you can notify people by clicking the  “Copy Link” button in the alert that appears at the top of the page. This link is the url of the task in Teamwork Projects, and you can share that with your colleagues in Chat. If you have any more feedback about improving the creation of tasks in Teamwork Chat, just let us know by leaving a comment below.
New copy link alert in Teamwork Chat
5. Mentions inside block quotes
Previously, if a user name was mentioned in block quotes, it would send a notification to them, e.g. if my colleague quoted my name > @louise, it would send a notification to me. Now, we have removed that notification setting so people will no longer be notified if their names are mentioned in block quotes.
As you can see, we love your feedback and use it to improve our products! Please leave a comment below if you have any feedback for us. Thanks for reading, and look out for the next Teamwork Chat update!