If you’ve read our story, you’ll know that one of the reasons we made Teamwork.com was to scratch our own itch – we needed the software to run our business and existing products like Basecamp simply didn’t have the features we needed.
For the last 6 years, we’ve been continually improving Teamwork, working hard every month to create the useful and necessary features that you need to run a business here in the real world.
Last night we read the latest blog post from our biggest competitor Basecamp, and we couldn’t believe the hoops they are still making their customers jump through. Please have a look:
Straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Let’s see how Teamwork compares with the same 5 features:

1. To-do templates

We have beautiful task list templates in Teamwork. They are a great way to help streamline your workflow and organise your business.

2. File versions

We have elegant file versioning in Teamwork. This feature stays out of the way until you want it and can even work automatically if the file names are the same.

3. Moving a single task from one project to another

This was requested time and time again because in busy companies tasks can sometimes end up in the wrong place or projects can get split out. It’s more difficult than it sounds due to permissions, but we did it.

4. Assigning a to-do to more than one person

We’ve had this feature since day one because we believe any business with more that one employee simply needs it. After al,l it often doesn’t matter who does it as long as it gets done.

5. Sub-projects and sub-tasks

We don’t have sub-projects and don’t plan to add them. But we did add sub-tasks because it was one of our all time top-requested features and is just essential to help get things done here in the real world.
Making all these features was really hard work but we put in the effort because we know you need them, you told us!

Really “Getting Real”

We believe that the software that helps you run your business shouldn’t need wordy workarounds to your practical and real problems; it should bend over backwards to make your life easier.
We believe in listening to our customers. We’ve worked unbelievably hard on these features because… simply put, we care.

Come on over

We invite any Basecamp customers who are fed up to come on over. We’ll import everything and give you a 30 day free trial. Sign up before March 31st 2014 and use the discount code “teamworkcares” for 25% off  your first year’s subscription.
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