It’s a tough task creating winning teams, but it can be done! Children often make for the best team members because friendship and collaboration are very important to them. Their desire to be part of a collective means that everything they do is for the good of the team.
Grown-up things like inflated egos and greed can create a negative atmosphere in the workplace where people only want to look out for themselves. They may be winning individuals, but not winning teams.
In business, winning teams have to be created and nurtured because they don’t just happen by accident. When you want to build winning teams, just remember RMR – Recruitment, Manage, and Reward!


Working in teams involves collaboration and cohesiveness. An initial way of building a winning team is through careful recruitment. Hire the right people who will work well together. Every interview should be centered around these three questions:

  1. Can you do the job?
  2. Will you do the job?
  3. Will you fit in?

Test the person on the abilities and motivation, but don’t forget to test their ability to work well with your team. Hire people who will fit the culture of the organization. This means there will cohesion in your workforce and no nasty surprises or conflicts.
Hire people with strong people skills – this will ensure that whatever problem arises you can be confident that it will be resolved.


Get the best out of your team by managing their needs correctly. Identifying individual and team needs relating to personality and stage of employment will significantly increase your employee and team productivity.
Knowing when it is appropriate to oversee and allow decisive freedom to each employee or team will encourage confidence levels and enable people to fulfill their potential.
Trust is a huge deal in business. Yes, it has to be earned, but when a stage develops where managers and employees trust each other, brilliant teams and exceptional individual characteristics are the resultants.
Leadership approaches should reflect the needs of your team – help when needed and trust when warranted. This will lead to confident and winning teams.


Reward positive behavior. When a job done well is not recognized, the lack of recognition may discourage team members. However, overpraise can be counterproductive as well – depending on personalities, egos could become inflated and never strive to be better.
The trick is to strike a balance and reward only when it’s deserved. People naturally want assurance from others, so they’ll strive to get recognition for their work and, inevitably, work harder or better.
Remember in Gladiator when Russell Crowe gathered his band of warriors to come together to defeat their opponents in the Coliseum? Maximus was an epic gladiator, but he couldn’t have won that fight without his crew. He was only as strong as his team.
Individual competencies are great, but they are nothing without the collective capabilities. You can have a team of winners who never win a game.
Winning teams are not made up of individuals who are the best, brightest, and possess every skill on the planet. They’re made up of a group of people who recognize their strengths, acknowledge the strengths of the rest of the team, and use that knowledge to collaborate and win every time!
You don’t have to know every detail of your business, or be the best at every aspect of it. The idea of winning teams is to have complementary people and skills working alongside each other to achieve common goals.
If you look at any sports team, all players have different tasks. One person may be the fastest on the team, yet not the strongest.
The very essence of business is to collaborate together to achieve common goals. Hence, the best way to build a winning team is to develop the best of individual talents and implement them for a collective purpose!
Do you have a secret to team success? Go ahead, just whisper it right here in the comments field.