It would be nice to think that we all love what we do at work, but the reality is sometimes different. Part of the problem is that we’re in the wrong job in the first place. Some of us find the work day frustrating as a result, leaving at the end of the day with little accomplished and a stack of unfinished tasks.
So, how can we turn a negative into a positive, accomplish more at our desks, and feel a little more enthused? How can we re-energize and motivate ourselves more to achieve our goals without the attendant frustrations? Read on.
10 Simple Productivity Tips for Organizing Your Work Life – Prioritize | High Performance Blog

  1. Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

Tackle the most important task first. Why? Because by doing so, you start the morning positively, achieve a major goal for the day, and once the task is completed it puts you in a better frame of mind to tackle your other tasks. Whether you use the Time Management Matrix or your own method, prioritize and face your important task first.
10 Simple Productivity Tips for Organizing Your Work Life – One Task at a Time| High Performance Blog

  1. One Task at a Time, Please

Don’t tackle two – or even three – jobs simultaneously! Multitasking only serves to divide your attention, wastes time and derails your focus. Remember, time is precious. You may think you can work twice as fast by tackling two jobs at the same time, but you won’t. Stay on mission and you will accomplish a lot more.
10 Simple Productivity Tips for Organizing Your Work Life – Chill Out | High Performance Blog

  1. Chill Out and Take a Break

Essential, and yet many people don’t. Mental and physical tiredness sets in after staring at a screen for hours. It takes its toll and affects your productivity. Step away from your desk for a few minutes and recharge those batteries. A break at regular intervals may provide you with the insight you need to resolve a particular problem that appeared intractable a few moments earlier.
10 Simple Productivity Tips for Organizing Your Work Life – Set a Deadline | High Performance Blog

  1. Set a Deadline and Stick to it

A big advantage in having a deadline for each task is it helps organize your work day. Larger and more complicated tasks should, of course, be allotted more time. Be realistic about the time needed, but treat the limit as a target that MUST be completed. Remember, if you miss your deadline it will impact subsequent tasks and increase your frustration.
10 Simple Productivity Tips for Organizing Your Work Life – Clear Desk | High Performance Blog

  1. Oops! My Desk Needs Clearing

What has this got to do with how I perform at work, you might ask? The answer is everything. A cluttered desk says a lot about the person who sits at it, so clean it up. Remove all items that are not essential to your work. Remember, a tidier desk means a tidier mind.
10 Simple Productivity Tips for Organizing Your Work Life – Social Media | High Performance Blog

  1. Social Media is no Friend

Much as we like using Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc., they do get in the way of work. What starts as just a quick ‘look’ ends in 15-20 minutes or more disappearing from your day. It’s time that’s hard to make up even with the best of intentions.
10 Simple Productivity Tips for Organizing Your Work Life – Exercise | High Performance Blog

  1. Exercise, Exercise, and Exercise

So obvious and yet too few of us do it. Staying fit ensures you are healthy and in a positive frame of mind. Whether it’s time at the gym, a quick stroll, or a short run, all will contribute to your positive mood. Your body will feel better and you’ll be more alert to tackle the next task.
10 Simple Productivity Tips for Organizing Your Work Life – Be Healthy | High Performance Blog

  1. Be Healthy and Stay Productive

Binge eating of snack foods won’t provide the energy you need to get through the day, so be  conscious of what you eat – and drink! Chocolate may provide a temporary boost, but not enough. Recharge your batteries with some salad, nuts, or fruit and you’ll feel the benefits straight away.
10 Simple Productivity Tips for Organizing Your Work Life – Your Desk Isn't a Dining Table | High Performance Blog

  1. Your Desk isn’t a Dining Table

Despite the best of intentions, you never really get the value from eating at your desk. For a start, expect to be sidetracked by phone interruptions, colleagues with nothing to do coming over to you to engage in a chat, and the risk of coffee or food spilling onto your keyboard. Understand, it’s called a lunch break for a reason – take the time to chill out, think about anything but work, and when you have replenished your energy stocks return to work filled with enthusiasm. A shared meal also builds rapport with your colleagues outside of the immediate task or project.
10 Simple Productivity Tips for Organizing Your Work Life – Tethered to Your Inbox | High Performance Blog

  1. Don’t be Tethered to Your Email Inbox

Checking it every few minutes is wasteful and exasperating. It also interrupts whatever task you are working on and is distracting to your train of thought. Five minutes here and 10 minutes there adds up to a lot of lost time.

Mission Accomplished

There are only so many hours in a working day so ensure you are focused all the time. Set out your tasks and stick to them. Organize your hours properly and you won’t feel so frustrated, plus you will get things done on time. Think of the sense of achievement you will feel knowing you were on top of your day.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do
– Steve Jobs

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