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What do you need to get your projects, clients and team organized?


First of all - Tasks!

Long task lists never get done. Break projects down in to task lists, tasks and sub-tasks

Assign tasks to one or more people, set start & due dates, create sub-tasks, task dependencies, repeating tasks, add attachments to tasks, comment on tasks, set task priorities, set task progress, view Gantt Charts to vizualize your tasks time-line, add estimated time and log time on tasks, send reminders and so on... we got it!


Meet project deadlines

Because you’re clients will love you if you do.

We know that delivering projects on time is important for every good agency and freelancer. With milestone tracking and Gantt Charts, it’s easy to visualize your project schedule and dates. If something is late you can act on it immediately and ensure the person responsible gets it done. Make items visible only to your team or share it with your client - you control what each person sees.


Great Communication

Email is messy. We got something better for you.

Working on multiple projects with many clients and team members could make your inbox look like a battle field. The messages in Teamwork will help you quickly to find the message you need right when you need it. Organize messages in to categories and sub-categories, keep them private just for the team or include your client. You can also add comments to individual tasks, milestones, files, links and notebooks.


File Management

Get the files for every project organized

Project specifications, wire-frames, mockups, documents, licenses, etc. Keep them securely shared and organized in categories and sub-categories. Make files private just for your team for internal review until they are ready to be shown to your client. File versions enables you to upload new versions when making changes on something and easily rollback to previous versions. Make your life even easier by connecting Teamwork with your favorite file management app - Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or


Companies, People & Contacts

No per-user charge. Unlimited users and contacts organized in companies on all plans.

Keep your entire team and all your clients in Teamwork to stay on-track. Group projects by company so you can easily manage how many projects you have for each of your clients. Each project can have unlimited users from unlimited companies. If you’re outsourcing or cooperating with other companies on a clients’ project you can take advantage of the powerful privacy options. Each user can have different permissions on different projects.


Privacy & Permissions

Because it’s not necessary for everybody to see everything

In Teamwork you have complete control over the privacy and who sees what. Tasks, Milestones, Messages, Files, Notebooks and Links can be set as private for one or more users or even companies.

With the advanced permisssions options you can set who can add or delete items, who can set privacy on items and who can see what. You can also make the users global administrators who can manage all projects or project administrators to only give them control over specific projects.


Time Tracking & Billing

Do you charge by the hour? No problem, we got you covered.

With Teamwork you and your entire team can track the time spent on every single task and see what is billed and what is not. Track it in the browser or with our desktop timer app. Set the hourly rate of each of your team members and export invoices based on time and expenses. Your clients will be able to see exactly what they are paying for and you will get paid for every second. Teamwork also integrates with popular billing apps like Harvest, Xero, Freshbooks, Quickbooks Online, Blinksale. It just works!



All your notes and ideas in one place

The Notebook section allows you to write a formatted text page that can be revised and edited by other members within the project. Really handy when you get project specification, requirements, login details from your client and copy/paste it in a notebook for faster access to it. There is also a revision system so you can compare different versions of the document made by other project members. Of course you can lock the notebook for editing anytime. And of course notebooks also have categories and subcategories for organization.

So... Have You Seen Enough?

Give it a spin. It’s time to get projects done

Your Projects in Your Pocket

With Teamwork’s apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, your projects are in the cloud, always and anywhere with you

Paul Thornton

I recently chose TeamworkPM to be our cloud project management system, and let me tell you this was no easy task picking a service. I didn't realize how many systems were out there, I must have looked at over 50 of them, and actually did the demo or free trials on more than 10 of them.

Our new website business bringing all the worlds best personal development teachers into one site needed a system that could collaborate with our team that is spread out geographically, we needed some strong project management features, we needed a strong task management system, and we needed to handle unlimited users and multiple projects, and we needed to have some strong permission sets on client users, good reporting features, and all in a straightforward and user friendly system. Read more

TeamworkPM was the ONLY one that met all these requirements for us. Not Basecamp, Zoho, Teambox, Deskaway, Proworkflow, 5pm, Taskpoint, Intervals, Wrike, Feng office, GoPlan, Smartsheet, Gantter, Comind, Manymoon, Glasscubes, Autotask, Project Insight, Mavenlink, and more…

There were some others that did meet our needs, but they were much more intensive and would have been too hard for our client base to learn to use, like @Task, Clarizen, Tenrox, Liquidplanner (these were also quite a bit more expensive as well). Through all of this research, TeamworkPM rose to the top, and since implementing it we are back on schedule to get our website launched this February.

And I love the roadmap, the openness of the company to share exactly what they are working on — shows they are on it! Other companies hide this, and some don't even show their pricing, they make you call them — forget that!

I am mostly writing this review, because I wish I had found a review like this in my searches, it would have saved me days and days of researching all these other products, so I hope this can help others save time in their search. Show less

Paul Thornton

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Epic Features, Powerful & Easy to use, Tonnes of Happy Users? You can import all your Basecamp projects in Teamwork.

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Once Again - Don't Take it From Us!

Here’s what they tweet about @teamwork


I’m using Teamwork Projects to manage my projects, and loving it! It does everything I've been wishing Basecamp would do!



I thought basecamp was awesome then I was told to try @teamwork . Its an amazing product. Best i've seen.



if you are using #basecamp - you need to switch to #TeamworkProjects better interface, amazing customer support & overall goodness



@teamwork Been using the product for a few weeks & it's heads & shoulders above Basecamp! ByeBye Basecamp. Hello teamwork Projects



Teamwork Projects is my favourite- Switched to it from Basecamp. More/better functionality and permissions.



Incredible use of HTML and I guess Ruby but the new #basecamp is missing quite a few features I use every day with @teamwork time is one



I finally upgraded to a paid account at @teamwork -- if you're curious, I'd be happy to tell you how fantastic it is compared to Basecamp!



Our team recently dumped Basecamp for Teamwork Projects. I highly recommend it for virtual teams.



Basecamp real killer: @teamwork this web app is really a productivity gem!



I was impressed by Basecamp simplicity but @teamwork has really blown me away so far, it really deserves some buzz.



@37signals WHAT? no time tracking in the new Basecamp? No private items? Thanks, but no. I'll stick with @teamwork



Teamwork WILL NOT get your tasks done.
You’ll have to take care of them.

All that Teamwork will do is help you get organized, take control over your projects, team and clients, stay focused on what matters and stop wasting time on email communication and catching up with the progress over your projects each 30 minutes. And you’ll have a bit more free time for fun, just like us :)

But if you’re one of those lazy ********, who don’t give a ****, about their clients, deadlines, team collaboration and if you’re happy living and working like this, then...

Start Getting Stuff Done Now

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Back in 2007, we were just like you — running a consulting business, dealing with multiple clients and working on multiple projects at the same time. Every Monday we held a meeting and discussed the current projects - reassigned tasks and set milestones. We maintained a large white-board separated into 5 segments - Active Projects. Upcoming Projects, Sales, Meetings and Billing. The whiteboard was neatly organized and gave us a sense that we were organized.... but we weren’t. The meetings were taking longer and longer. We knew we needed a better system.

So we started looking for a software to help us manage our business. We tried Basecamp, ActiveCollab, Zoho, GoPlan and lots of others. And guess what... We couldn’t find anything good enough to fit our needs. And we didn’t need a space ship, we wanted just something intuitive that doesn't take time to learn and maintain. Something everybody in the company can use — not just the project manager.

So we decided to build our own project management app. And we did it. We built just what we needed and never stopped improving it and adding more and more cool features based on you requests. We take your suggestions very seriously.

Peter Coppinger

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